Questions for Scotia: “Young Ladies Starting Makeup”

Questions For Scotia: this month’s question for me was from Nikki.
“how do you go about introducing makeup and skin care to a 13 year old?”

yGreat question because as we know from so many studies and documentaries like “Killing Us Softly”, that the media starts early and hits hard at our young women with the massive media presented image of “WHAT YOU NEED TO LOOK LIKE”. Which to all us grown ups shake our heads, and shed a tear for all the pain we know our young ones will go through and for some, may never get past.


I will give you my last answer first: the best is always take them to someone who is a professional: a makeup artist at a store or spa, an esthetician, or a hair stylist. They can point you in the right direction for answers.
But now I can in detail answer you.

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Trendy Microblading

If you know me or have been reading my blogs long enough you’ve herd my rants about permanent makeup tattooing and how I think its pretty stupid outside of fixing medical issues like scars, skin graphs and such things.

BUT I will say that the newest trend that falls into this grouping of tattoo makeup is microblading.

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Make Your Service Last

In some spas you will be told how to keep your nails, lashes, whatever when you go home and maybe some tips too.

I come from working in tattoo and piercings shops so I like to give handouts to make your service last, to keep it clean and healthy too!

Here are some tips and tricks to keeping up your service at home or on vacation  between now and your next appointment.

dont forget to get ready for your vactation

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New Products and Services!

Sweet Cherry Spa is very happy to be offering facial services and skin care analysis!

Using Derma E quality skin care products for a customized facial to help with your specific skin care needs.

Your facial with start with a 20 minute consultation about your skin and your care concerns. Then You will get a customized:

  • a cleanse
  • a toner
  • an appropriate  textured exfoliator for you
  • steam or hot towel face wrap for 10 minutes
  • any extractions if needed and this is the time you can fit any waxing in
  • a customized masque 15-20 minutes with a Hempz hand massage or add a manicure
  • 15 minute face, decolte, shoulder and neck massage
  • serums and sun screen to finish

the whole process takes an hour and a half.

What else is new???

Well now you can come in store and purchase MUD makeup, brushes, nail files, Zoya Nail polish and Derma e.

You can also grab a catalogue or look online to order more products that aren’t carried in house! (Shipping is free!)

Summer Sensitive Skin

This summer was the first time that I got a sunburn on my face since I was a kid. I have been out in the sun even more, actually suntanning and just running around.
So I went to go put on my mineral powder foundation the other morning before work and the brush scratched me! I can admit that its due for a deep cleaning and conditioning of its bristles but it still hurt way too much. Then I noticed that putting on eyeliner started to hurt too.. and my lips get chapped so easily from eating regular foods.

Sitting out in the sun at camp.. I don't look red do I?
Sitting out in the sun at camp.. I don’t look red do I?

I don’t have sensitive skin: its pretty normal with some oily patches sometimes and the apples of my cheeks get dry in the winter. So I knew what was going on.. even though my face isn’t brunt red and peeling and all the other signs of having a sun burn… it know it was a very deep burn.





So what can you do with a burn you can’t see but feel?

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Permanent Masquara AKA Lash Perming

Before I had written about lash extensions in “Should I tint or extend?” But there is a step between going from nothing to trying lash extensions: Eyelash Perming!

I just took a intro class last night to eyelash perming to see if I would be interested in it and if its a worthwhile service.

It is! And I will be bringing it in soon!

this is the product I will bring in

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The Bikini Wax: is it worth it?

It’s getting to that time of year where many women(and men) are deciding if they want to start on their hair removal routine for spring.

First when you are planning on you’d like to get smooth and hairless like those weird(but very cute) Sphinx cats: if possible figure out your hair growth cycle

Hair grows in 3 stages, growing(anagen), transition(catogen) and falling out(telogen).  Whenever you want to remove hair, you want to try to get it at 3 weeks growth, which is between the growing and transition stage.

What are your Options?

  • shaving

  • chemical hair removers

  • waxing

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Nail Shapes: Part 2

I’m back with more nail shapes, like I promised!

Now to the fun shapes: the shapes you get to choose when you go in for a manicures or artificial nails

When going for any type of nail service, if you don’t ask: you will 99% of the time end up with square nails. This is because they are the strongest shape. Pressure is evenly distributed across the entire nail. This is especially true for 1st time gels or acrylic nails(until you get used to them). They show that you are a easy but still sophisticated and strong. They also give a good sized pallet for trying any nail art and best for showing off bright and bold colours.

dragon gels

These Nails are classic, but can make your fingers and nails look shorter if they aren’t kept on the longer side or if you already have wider nail beds.



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Nail Shapes: This isn’t preschool! Part 1

Who knew that beauty school would be like going back to preschool? I remember the day we started on nail technologies, my students were so excited, they had been waiting for this for months.

As they spent the night looking at pictures of nails and nail art on pinterest: I sat looking at pictures of shapes and the small amounts of basic engineering for each kind(along with fungal infections and other gross pics). As you can guessed: the first day of nail class was as exciting as the first day of preschool….and disappointing for my students.

But Nail Shapes are very important, especially if you want to keep your 30$+ manicure or 50$+ set of artificial nails.

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FAQ: How Much is Nail Art?

Nail Art is one of my favorite things to do at work!  It is very popular and there is some crazy amazing work out there.

But sometimes figuring out pricing is hard. When you look at other places, some have super convoluted prices, some have no prices listed and some have a generic price. Why is it so all over?

There are lots of factors that go into doing nail art:
  • it takes time
  • product gets costly
  • each design is different
  • skill level

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