The Bikini Wax: is it worth it?

It’s getting to that time of year where many women(and men) are deciding if they want to start on their hair removal routine for spring.

First when you are planning on you’d like to get smooth and hairless like those weird(but very cute) Sphinx cats: if possible figure out your hair growth cycle

Hair grows in 3 stages, growing(anagen), transition(catogen) and falling out(telogen).  Whenever you want to remove hair, you want to try to get it at 3 weeks growth, which is between the growing and transition stage.

What are your Options?

  • shaving

  • chemical hair removers

  • waxing

Shaving is a quick and the easiest way to get rid of hair removal. It lasts between a few days and a week(it really depends on your body’s hair growth cycle).

Why doesn’t it last? What are the risks?

It doesn’t last because you aren’t taking the bulb/root of the hair out with it, which lets it keep growing from the same root. Pretty much half the the hair is still there just under the skin. The risks are you may cut yourself, get an infection, miss spots and get painful and not nice looking razor burn.

Why do people do it?

It’s thought of being easier and the most cost effective. You can make your own shaving cream using coconut oils and creams which is even cheaper than buying shaving cream(mind you you can get a normal sized can/bottle at the dollar store). You can do it at home in your own time, but you will have to do it every few days to once a week.


Chemical depilatories are something that I just don’t trust for hair removal past doing your legs. Putting any chemical near your face and near such a sensitive area(and opening) is risky if you don’t have the perfect application and protection. I always suggest that if you do use these make sure:

1. you make sure you are buying the right kind for the right area! I made that mistake when I was a teenager, I bought the regular nair for legs and used it on my bikini… ended up with a chemical burn.  This is because the strengths are different for different areas.

2. make sure you protect the area around where you are placing the chemical. If you are doing your upper lip: put a layer of Vaseline on your lips.

Waxing is the most common way(after shaving) of getting longer lasting smoothness for hair removal.  For best results, once again make sure you have 3 weeks hair growth.

To find when you are in between the growing and the transition phases of hair growth: wax or tweeze a test patch and count how long it takes for the hair to grow back.  Once its grown back that’s when you should book your appointment. It will take 4 times(4 weeks apart) to get your whole hair growth cycle to even out and get the longest lasting results.

Why is it better?

Waxing fully takes out the root of the hair, which means it has to start all over again to even grow the root first, then the hair. This takes 6-8 weeks! There are so many waxes that are made for different skin types, areas and types of waxing. I like to use cream based waxes which are gentler on the skin

What can I get waxed and how much?

Its really up to you! If you want just the sides where your underwear sits get it done: if you want everything gone that’s is okay too.

Bikini/manscaping wax can range between 30$ to 80$+ depending on where you are going. My bikini’s are 35$ and my Brazillians are 50$.

Waxing Tips & Tricks for a Less Painful Experience

Even though waxing will get less and less painful as you keep up your on time appointments (3-4 weeks) here are a few things you can do to help you manage with the pain.

  • Take a aspirin 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help dull your nerves.
  • Use a soft body scrub to take away the build up of excess skin, the hair won’t have so many layers to pull through. Use moisturizer after otherwise this will have the opposite effect.
  • Don’t use any toner or astringent. Or use ice for numbing. These make the hair follicles tighten up, making it harder for the hair to pull out.
  • Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol. This brings more blood to the area, making it more sensitive.
  • Don’t tense up!  Don’t hold your breath or tense your body. Instead breathe in while the wax strip is being applied, and let the breath out just as it gets pulled off.
  • Wear appropriate clothes. If you are coming in for a underarm wax, wear a tank top that you don’t super care about or a plain bra. If you are getting a bikini wax: wear some old panties you don’t care about or be comfortable with nothing at all(the esthetician doesn’t care or judge: they’ve seen just as many privates as most doctors.) Wax tends to get everywhere, even with the best applications, baby powder and same with the after wax cream/oils.
  • Trim your Hair. If you think that your hair is too long, let the esthetician know that its probably long when you book your appointment so added time can be booked for pre trimming.
  • NO Sex for 24 hours. You have just made your skin super sensitive and you don’t want to get raw.

hair lenghth







Why should it be trimmed? because when you put wax in a group of hair where the esthetician can not see in which way the hair grows, it will just turn into a big clump of wax that will end up hurting and not being able to get out.

Quickly I will mention permanent hair removal techniques. This is when the papilla is destroyed, making re-growth impossible. All procedures are preformed by specialized nurses, technicians.. not regular estheticians.

  • Electrolysis

  • Laser

  • IPL

Electrolysis is removing the hair by using electricity. Believed to be the only true method of permanent hair removalElectrolysis is performed by inserting small needles into the hair follicles and you need to have a certified electrologist to preform this service: which means it’s way more expensive/

Laser hair removal is most effective during the anagen phase. Is not a permanent hair removal, it is semi-permanent. The laser can reduce the number of hairs but not destroy all of them. Many treatments are needed, but chances are a few hairs will be missed no matter how many times you go.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light therapy  uses quick flashes of light, shattering the targeted hair bulb without allowing heat to build up and burn the surrounding tissue. IPLs reduce hair and spider veins.

If you have any questions or like to book a consultation, post a comment or call!

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