Make Your Service Last

In some spas you will be told how to keep your nails, lashes, whatever when you go home and maybe some tips too.

I come from working in tattoo and piercings shops so I like to give handouts to make your service last, to keep it clean and healthy too!

Here are some tips and tricks to keeping up your service at home or on vacation  between now and your next appointment.

dont forget to get ready for your vactation

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Nails as Jewels

gel nailsThey aren’t tools. Don’t use your nails to pick, scrape, pry or screw/unscrew. This could take your whole nail off(ouch!), chip the edge, or otherwise break your nail.

Wear gloves. If you are washing dishes, kids, dogs.. nanna… wear gloves.  They keep from wearing off your polish, un-adhering the nail glue on your tip, and keeps any bacteria from getting under any lifted edges.

Be Patient. This might be the hardest: it takes 12 hours for polish to fully dry, this means it can smudge, chip or peel off within that time. Don’t do anything too hard on your hands.

Hand Sanitizer Beware. Hand sanitizer dries out your skin and also eats off your top coat. If you plan to use this, please make sure to re-apply your top coat weekly.

Fills. Iyour next fill  will be, depending on your nail growth and lifestyle, between 2-3 weeks.


Waxing Tips & Tricks for a Less Painful Experience

Even though waxing will get less and less painful as you keep up your on time appointments (3-4 weeks) here are a few things you can do to help you manage with the pain.

  • Take a aspirin 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help dull your nerves.
  • Use a soft body scrub to take away the build up of excess skin, the hair won’t have so many layers to pull through. Use moisturizer after otherwise this will have the opposite effect.
  • Don’t use any toner or astringent. Or use ice for numbing. These make the hair follicles tighten up, making it harder for the hair to pull out.
  • Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol. This brings more blood to the area, making it more sensitive.
  • Don’t tense up!  Don’t hold your breath or tense your body. Instead breathe in while the wax strip is being applied, and let the breath out just as it gets pulled off.
  • Book Regularly or Trim. If your hair is too long, wax will get stuck in too much hair and take a lot of pulling to get it out. If you keep your appointments between 3-4 weeks, the hair won’t grow past ¾ of an inch. If you can’t get in within that time, please trim your hair or let me know that it needs to be trimmed please.

Lash Extension Tips & Tricks to Keep the Perfect Batting Technique

minkDon’t Touch! Yes you can put mascara on them, but very lightly please. Blend mascara from underneath to blend in natural lashes. You can touch your eyes if you need too, but wash your hands first and don’t pick or pull at your new lashes.

No Oil or Cream. When you take your makeup off, please use a water or alcohol based makeup remover and be very gentle. Any oil can loosen the glue and you will loosen more lashes. Rub lightly with remover on a qtip.

Don’t Worry. Over the course of the 2 weeks, some lashes will fall out as they are attached to your natural lashes. You lose a few a week so it is important to keep track and book your fills regularly.

Be Happy  crying won’t loosen them, but rubbing your eyes and, having any makeup product that may become moist can affect the glue and pull off lashes.

Fills: if you notice that you are losing more lashes then you think or you are unhappy with you lashes don’t hesitate to call me 2512891 and I will fix them for free*(depending on circumstances). Fills should be done every 2-3 weeks depending on your lifestyle.


Ask a Question or Leave a Comment: for booking appointments please call. I do NOT take appointments through comments.

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