Makeup and Spa Services FAQ’s

 Please read below for you or any one else who is thinking about coming to the spa. Knowing what to expect for your appointment will be an added bonus to your Smart, Safe and Sweet beauty service.  If this is your first time looking for a spa please read this article.

Booking an Appointment

When you’d like to book an appointment, please know that it is only just me, Scotia, who runs and works the spa room. I can accommodate up to 3 people but it will be one at a time.

Online booking is the fastest and easiest option. You may call or text my business line at 807-251-2891 to book your appointment, I do NOT take comments on pages, emails, or social media posts for bookings. Please be polite and text within business hours. I tend to answer my phone and texts after hours and on days off but please don’t abuse it. You CAN however book online after hours.

 I don’t normally take walk ins, I prefer you call to make an appointment even if its for in 1 hour.

Cancellation Policy

I totally understand things come up, we get sick, forget, get too busy and it’s cool. But if you can not make an appointment please give me 48-24 hours notice if possible.


I will only reschedule a service 3 times, you will either be charged 5$ for every change or  unfortunately I will not be able to reschedule you.

NO SHOW: not showing up to your appointment without calling to let me know you can’t make it will have a 15$ fee added to your profile and will have to be paid at your next visit. Exceptions will be made for emergencies.

If you are a constant no-shower, you will be required to do a 50% non-refundable retainer when booking your appointment.

If you have paid in advance you have a 48 hours to let me rebook your appointment or get your money back otherwise you forfeit your payment to cover the missed appointment.

How do I pay for services?

I take cash, debit, Visa and Master Card at the end of the service in  the spa room. Payment must be made day of, I do not hold services. If you can not pay: do not book! 

Rebelle Luxe Clients: Cash or Etransfer Only.

I will offer free services to correct any mistakes made on my end within the week of you having the service done. After that I can not guarantee that it wasn’t an outside influence. If you do not wish to have the issue addressed a partial refund of 60% of your price of the initial service (not including add ons or tax) can be applied.

I can take pre-payments for services, and gift certificates with  Visa, Master Card or E-transfer. For large bookings for spa day parties (4+ people or 3+ Hours) I require a 50$ non refundable retainer for the time being booked. This is to prevent no shows or secure I have enough time for everyone.

For bridal parties when you contact me to book your wedding day, a 90$  non refundable retainer can be paid with the listed payment options if you come in or a e-transfer can be done as well. A wedding contract will also be signed. The bride is responsible for any balances left unpaid by bridesmaids. Getting all the payments a day before is always helpful. This will save time, and eliminate the stress of both of us running around asking people for payment.

Do I need to tip?

No, but like every other service, tipping is a way to show you enjoyed your service. You may leave a cash tip or there is a tip option on my interact machine which is open to your discretion.

Leaving reviews online

I love getting reviews online, It really helps my business grow and get better ratings on facebook and google. I may ask when you text, comment or message me if I can quote you for my testimonials page.

On the opposite end, I also do want to hear your constructive ideas. If there is a issue I would please ask you to try to call me or email me as soon as possible so I can help to address the situation. I can’t help if you post a negative review 3 weeks after the fact.

What Product Do You Use?

I use only the best product lines in the spa room.  I make sure that all products are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free, mineral based and more. Following my Safe, Smart and Sweet standards, I want to be able to make sure that the products I am using and selling are good for you and the planet.

Safe – Dermatologist tested, eco-friendly products are the best way to include all skin types, sensitivities and lifestlye choices. All my products are maternity and child friendly.

Smart – If I can’t tell whats in it, neither can you. I make sure that I know all active and inactive ingredients in my products to make sure nothing will create new issues.

Sweet – Cruelty free products are kind to our animal friends and kind for us. All smells from products are light, sweet and no perfumes.


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Makeup FAQ

My makeup applications take approximately 45 minutes using MUD makeup.

Makeup lessons are 1 hour as well as bridal makeup trials. If you have inspirational photos please bring them or share them to me. You can email me pics and links to your pinterest page at scotiamua@gmail.ca

Makeup lessons can be broken up or done within a hour if you want to just learn 1 look. I will go over how to choose your foundation, what colours look best on your skin tone, matching your hair and eyes, how to line your brows and lips, and teach you the differences between products.

Is a Bridal makeup trial mandatory?

No, nothing is ever mandatory but it IS in your best interest. It will help me pin point a perfect look for you, taking the time to find the perfect match of foundation colours and it gives you the chance to wear it around for the day. You will be able to tell if you like the products, the application and its staying power. It also saves me time and stress on your wedding day with a pre-planned makeup rather then going by a photo you liked but may not work best for you. Your preview should be booked no later than 2-4 weeks before your wedding date.

You can book your trial consultation here

What if I don’t know how to do my makeup?

That’s what the makeup lesson is for! Bring in whatever makeup you have and I will go through it with you; making sure that it is the right colour for you, not expired and how to use it. I will fill in any gaps in product with my own to show you a complete look.

What do I need to do Before getting my Makeup done?

Please come in with a clean and washed face. Please don’t exfoliate your face with hard scrubs, and waxing/tweezing facial hair at least 1-2 days before your appointment. If you’ve had a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or other hard exfoliating skin service, make sure that any irritation or redness has subsided 2-3 weeks beforehand. This will lessen any chances of you being too sensitive for makeup or less redness that will affect your overall skin tone.

Can you take last minute makeup services on my wedding day?

I will say yes for now but time is a factor. Wedding days can run behind quickly, even someone running between hair dresser and makeup artists to stop and grab that extra coffee can really set the morning back 30 min +. I am always happy to try to fit in more people for makeup but please do not be upset if I have to say no due to time restrictions.

Waxing FAQ

Even though waxing will get less and less painful as you keep up your on time appointments (4-6 weeks) here are a few things you can do to help you manage with the pain.


Take a aspirin 30 minutes before your appointment. This will help dull your nerves. Shower and use a soft body scrub the to take away the build up of excess skin, the hair won’t have so many layers to pull through. Use moisturizer after otherwise this will have the opposite effect. Don’t use any toner or astringent. Or use ice for numbing. These make the hair follicles tighten up, making it harder for the hair to pull out. Don’t drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol. This brings more blood to the area, making it more sensitive.

If you are on your period it is up to you if you wish to rebook. Because you clean the area first everything is clean. BUT because everything is way more sensitive you may find the wax hurts way more. It is up to your descretion.

During the Wax

Don’t hold your breath or tense your body. Instead breathe in while the wax strip is being applied, and let the breath out just as it gets pulled off. I use cream aloe strip wax for most body parts and cherry cream hard wax for brazillians. If your hair is too long, wax will get stuck in too much hair and take a lot of pulling to get it out. If you keep your appointments between 4-6 weeks, the hair won’t grow past ¾ of an inch. If you can’t get in within that time, please trim your hair or let me know that it needs to be trimmed please.

I don’t mind swearing, crying and needing small breaks but please keep it respectful.

Special note  on MEN’s brazillians: please understand this is a spa, not any other sort of business. I do not accept jokes about kinks and other activities of a sexual nature. I am a professional and married. Please don’t be embarrassed or anything asking for this service, if your girlfriend/wife is unsure about a woman waxer, she is welcome to come to the service if you are comfortable. During the service blood flow is natural and understandable and I do not take offense.

After your waxing

After your waxing your skin may be red, this should dissipate in a hour or so. If you are having a Brazilian wax (both male and female) no sexual activity is suggested to reduce soreness, swelling and possible bruising. Some hairs may be left if they were too short, or ingrown. It takes 2-3 times from your 1st initial appointment to get all your hair growing in the same cycle.

Manicure, Gel and Acrylic Nails FAQ

They aren’t tools. Don’t use your nails to pick, scrape, poke/press buttons with the ends, pry or screw/unscrew. This could take your whole nail off(ouch!), chip the edge, or otherwise break your nail. 

Wear gloves if you are washing dishes, kids, dogs.. nanna…hehe  They keep from wearing off your polish, un-adhering the nail glue on your tip, and keeps any bacteria from getting under any lifted edges. Hand Sanitizer Beware. Hand sanitizer dries out your skin and also eats off your top coat.  If you plan to use this, please make sure to re-apply your top coat weekly. Other heavy creams and oils can also cause lifting and discolouration(tanning oil).

This might be the hardest part.. is being patient: it takes 12 hours for regular polish to fully dry, this means it can smudge, chip or peel off within that time. Don’t do anything too hard on your hands.

Gel, shellac and Acrylic nails grow out with your natural nails.  Depending on your nail growth and lifestyle, between 2-3 weeks your nails will need to be filled in otherwise the chances of them pulling up, off or chipping is greater.

Lash extension FAQs

I use Micha lashes for my lash extensions. They are single hair lashes that come in 3mm, 10mm, 12mm. My lashes are natural looking, I do not currently do Russian Volume.

Don’t Touch! You can touch your eyes if you need too, but wash your hands first and don’t pick or pull at your new lashes. The whole point is to avoid using masquara but Yes you can put mascara on them, but very lightly please. Blend mascara from underneath to blend in natural lashes.

Not Too Hot. Please wait 24 hours to have a hot shower, sauna, hot tub, tanning bed or switching from cold weather to hot (vacations) as the glue still needs to set and the heat can really mess with it.

Not too Wet. Please no swimming or showers for 24 hours after getting your extensions, as the glue is setting weighing down your lashes with water will destroy how they sit on your natural lash.

No Oil or Cream. When you take your makeup off, please use a water or alcohol based makeup remover and be very gentle. Any oil can loosen the glue and you will loosen more lashes. Rub lightly with remover on a qtip. Proper lash extension makeup remover is available for sale.

Don’t Worry. Over the course of the 2 weeks, some lashes will fall out as they are attached to your natural lashes. You lose a few a week so it is important to keep track and book your fills regularly. Crying won’t loosen them, but rubbing your eyes and, having any makeup product that may become moist can affect the glue and pull off lashes.

Will eyelash extensions make my natural lashes fall out?

No, this is a myth. As the extension is applied only to one natural lash, the extension grows out during your natural growth cycle (30-90 days). With the extensions constantly being replaced on to new lashes they do not encounter any damage over the long term. If your lashes have been damaged by extensions in the past, that is the fault of a poor technician.