Nail Shapes: Part 2

I’m back with more nail shapes, like I promised!

Now to the fun shapes: the shapes you get to choose when you go in for a manicures or artificial nails

When going for any type of nail service, if you don’t ask: you will 99% of the time end up with square nails. This is because they are the strongest shape. Pressure is evenly distributed across the entire nail. This is especially true for 1st time gels or acrylic nails(until you get used to them). They show that you are a easy but still sophisticated and strong. They also give a good sized pallet for trying any nail art and best for showing off bright and bold colours.

dragon gels

These Nails are classic, but can make your fingers and nails look shorter if they aren’t kept on the longer side or if you already have wider nail beds.





103_1496The next popular and wearable shape is round. Most people naturally shape their nails this way. They have a very low chance of catching anything, cutting anything.  They give the impression that you are a minimalist and a realist. You understand that life and work get in the way and that this nail shape works best for both. This is also the best fit if you have shorter nail beds(or if you are a nail biter), square nails will widen your beds out and make them look even bigger.


Squoval is the in between of both round and square. Yay for lazy made up words! The benefit for this shape is you get the length that you can achieve with square(file down the sides straight) and round the edge to avoid any chipping one the edges of the free edge that can come with square sparkel tips on black


For some reason today I thought that it would be a cute joke if I painted my Almond nails, an almond colour. Har Har.. I have a really lame sense of humor sometimes. This is obviously stylish(I see it a lot) and the off nude colour gives these nails a really big pop in a almost natural way.

mauve with gold sparkle

These nails are good for mid range nail experience. As they are still to be worn longer (but not too long otherwise you look like you have claws…. which for me personally I like but not everyone wants to be catwoman) but the point isn’t as dramatic as our next nail style: Stiletto.

These nail shapes work really well even if you have wider nail beds or bigger hands, elongating the nails and fingers. These are however the weakest nail shapes, not leaving much room for your nail to grow and if you stub it the chances of it snapping are very high. Also if you aren’t used to having long, pointy nails the chance to scratch or poke yourself in the eye (which I still do all the time and almond is my go to nail shape).

Stiletto nails are very dramatic, elegant and fierce! The effort to have these nails is high though.  If you have a high arch in your nail, make sure to have them shaped properly because any bend in the free edge can make them into talons.

The last one is a new style that is gaining a lot of attention that is coffin nails.  These are a combination between square and stiletto.

These are the nails you want to have showing that you are a fashionista, keeping up with the latest trends and able to show them off! They cut down on the cutting yourself with the points but still have a weak breaking point along where your nail bed ends.


Which nails do you like the most?  Don’t be afraid to try new styles, but if its new and scary maybe do them for a party or a holiday off so you have time to get used to the fabulousness!


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