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Gel Natural Nails     65$            Acrylic Natural Nails      65$

Gel Coloured Nails     75$                 Acrylic Coloured Nails      75$

Gel or Acrylic nail fill    35$                Gel or Acrylic Removal            35$        Nail Fix     5$ per nail

Gel or acrylic overlay 45$

Shellac Manicure        45$                  Shellac Change   10$                Shellac Full removal Manicure 40$

Manicure                35$                       Pedicure                 45$

Mani Pedi                65$

Nail Art     by consultation only         Nail polish change 10$

+French         5$

+scrub   5$   choice of: CBD Tingling Mint / Pumpkin / Kol Detox / Seaweed

+foot Masque 10$ choice of: CBD Tingling Mint / Pumpkin / Kol Detox

+Hot stone massage    15$   +paraffin masque  10$

Regular Manicure: warm hand soak, nail file, cuticle cleaning, hand massage, polish application

Gel colour polish lasts up to 3 weeks. Please let me know if you currently have a gel polish on that needs to be changed before a manicure or a pedicure.

Regular Pédicure: warming foot soak with lime bubbles, foot filing (* let me know if you need a credo blade), nail trim, nail bed and cuticle clean up, massage and polish application.

Gel and Acrylic Nails last up to 4 weeks before a fill is required.

Read more about how to take care of your new nails here!

**prices are subject to change & HST not included in listed price**