Permanent Masquara AKA Lash Perming

Before I had written about lash extensions in “Should I tint or extend?” But there is a step between going from nothing to trying lash extensions: Eyelash Perming!

I just took a intro class last night to eyelash perming to see if I would be interested in it and if its a worthwhile service.

It is! And I will be bringing it in soon!

this is the product I will bring in

Lash perming gives you a a wide awake look that lasts for up to 6 weeks* without using a eyelash crimper everyday.

I remember as a kid I was scared and super confused as to what, how and why anyone would want to squish their eyelids into a mechanical press! Obviously now I know you don’t touch your lids but we all make mistakes when using these in half zombie mode getting ready for work.


Well with the eyelash perming you can take 2 extra steps out of your morning routine!

Getting your lashes permed takes about 45 minutes but can last up to 6 weeks, depending on where you are starting in your eyelash hair growth cycle.

Your lashes are gently glued(water soluble) to a perming rod fit to your eye and lash length. Then the perming solution is added for 5-10 minutes then taken off: leaving your lashes curled.

To get that full permanent masquara look then you can dye your lashes to match, o change up the colour to have your unique makeup look without having to use makeup! This just adds an extra 10 minutes to your service, leaving you with a permanent masquara look for about 6 weeks!


2 thoughts on “Permanent Masquara AKA Lash Perming

  1. This looks so cool! I would definitely be interested. Eyelash curlers are difficult for me to use because my eyes are deep set and I have a hard time getting in there. Usually only the very tip of my lashes catch.


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