Embracing the Warmth of Marsala

Every year the Pantone company tells the world what the Color of the Year is.

Marsala is this years color. 

I love how it matches any darker shades, from the black in her shoes and purse to the dark, gradient green in her hair

For many of us, we didn’t even know why there is a color of the year.

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Contest Weiners

Aww no one answered so no one won! It’ll tell you anyways


The reason I had blue on lips was for when Smaug the dragon first woke up, he was blue in the movie.



We could also get into a very specific nerd trivia and also say it was because in Canada there was a cover of the Hobbit book that came out where he was coloured blue on the cover.

My husband, a friend and I distinctly remembering this all due to our confusion that he was described as red and golden.


Anyways sucks that no one won the awesome nails.

What would you like to win if I was doing another contest?

A sweet room


Well today is the big day! I’m open!

The room is now all set up with the fur blankets and calm lighting. It smells like peaches from the peach paraffin warming in its warmer.

Been waiting out front in the salon, talking to clients and getting to know all the nice ladies who work here at Hair Infinity.

As a welcoming clients in from the cold and snow I am offering until jan 2015 a free hot stone massage with every manicure or pedicure.


But there was also a mystery today.


Frank and I don’t know what this is. We called around so far no answers and couldn’t find it on Google.
We know it’s not a auto clave because it’s not pressurized. It couldn’t be steam or heat sanitizer but it’s hard to tell. Anyone know???

Welcome to My New Blog

For those of you who have followed me on my previous blog: http://www.elegantembodiments.blogspot.ca

Thank’s so much for joining me here!


For those who are new, the previous blog is still up but that is more for my freelance makeup and special effects work. Feel free to check it out, follow and share it! There is some pretty cool stuff on there, but lots of zombies and not so sweet things.

This site is dedicated to making your day sweet and beautiful.

It is also the official site for my spa room; currently located within Hair Infinity on 500 Fredrica street.

If you’d like to book an appointment please call 807.251.2891

My hours are Tuesday-Fridays 10am till 6pm and Saturdays by appointment only. Service Menu located here:  https://sweetcherryspa.com/category/services-menu/


I look forward to sharing my new business expereiences with you, booking appointments and showing off those beauties!