Pin Up Looks : Hey Sailor Grand Opening

Last Saturday (Sept 26th)  a new store that I have been dying for to open finally opened: Hey Sailor pinup boutique!

I brought my daughter who loves dresses with me to see what they have.

If you don’t know what a pinup its the retro style of 1950s and 1960s. Think of those pin up calendars with the painting of the sexy lady (now they are on the old Milwaukee cans and billboards), the stepford wives and I am sure you’ve seen her (if you don’t even know her name) Bettie Page.

Hey Sailor which is located at 28 south Cumberland st( next to Red Lion smokehouse), is just a small little shop owned by Jenn and Jess. They carry lots of vintage prints and new fun prints.  They also carry vintage shoes, accessories, swimwear and of course petticoats!

My daughter liked the pink halter dress in pink with bunny skulls and brains cupcakes.

They have a large variety of sizes which I liked a lot being a former plus size woman, I still always wanted these styles of clothes but it would be hard and very costly to find them online or have to travel to the stores that did carry them.
They also have a makeup line there (I don’t regularly leave the house without makeup on so Emmy got hers done for me.)

The shadows are all rich and come in nice packs for day time and evening looks. Nice bright red lipsticks, they have a great staying power (they stayed on my 6 year old for the whole day!).

So what is the pinup makeup? Why is it so classic?

Pinup makeup is actually so simple that it looks extremely refined. The only hard part is the eyeliner which takes some practice but afterwards its very easy. It’s so classic because it is so easy to learn, everyone was able to wear it!




Day time pinup looks are foundation, some blush, eyebrow sculpting with a more pointed arch, nude lids with just black winged liquid eyeliner and mascara with either pink or red lipstick.20131002_112819





Evenings turn your bright eyed nude eye shadow into a darker sultry smokey eye with either dark purples, browns and blacks. You can also darken up your lipstick to more of a dark red too.



Go and check out Hey Sailors facebook! Like and share them on facebook and go check them out on Cumberland street to support our local businesses!


Keep a eye out for my daytime pinup tutorial video!



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