Questions for Scotia: The No!No!

I have been asked this a few times this month before and after xmas:

“I received a No!No! for Christmas…I need your Honest opinion on the No!No! ?” – Mary

“I was looking at the No!No! for myself but it seems so expensive.”- Diane

I will start off saying that I have not personally used this, because if I wanted to drop 300$+ I’d spend it more wisely.. or at least start with actual laser hair removal treatments. (anyone who has one and wants my to actually try contact me I’d love to make a video)

But I have talked to a lot of people with it and have done some research on it as well.

Click to see more reviews from consumer

About the product:nono3

It uses this Thermicon wire tip. They want to say its like laser but instead of light its heat that goes down the hair and destroys the bulb.  Wires that are heated with electricity just reminds me of high school when we would build Styrofoam planes and use the heated wire cutter… do you want to drag that along your skin and pay 300$ to do it?

When you burn hair it curls up (they call it “crystallized”), that curled part with either be right at the surface of your skin, or right underneath in the pore where the follicle is coming out which to me means a very high risk of ingrown hairs.

The buffing you have to do afterwards is also a another way of removing hair that you could use on its own to remove hair, they also because you are going into a circular motion just breaking the hair at the skin.  I remember they used to just sell the buffing pads that are super fine grit sandpaper that you just go over your hair with. I used it on my arms and wasn’t super impressed at the hair removal but the buffing exfoliation was nice. But to be used on your face is a bad idea, its just way to sensitive.

Reading up on it also for consumer reports says that it doesn’t really work within the time they claim (4-6 weeks). There are also many issues with trying to return the product and trying to maintain, fix or replace parts for the NONO.

Speaking of the 4-6 weeks: Concerns raised in reviews focused on the claim that hair removal results would be seen in just a 4-6 week time frame. Many reviewers expressed disappointment in the lack of reduced hair after regular use during this initial window and were dissatisfied enough with their purchase to return the product.

so you can still shave? IF it worked… why would you have to?

“Users who reported the best results claimed to have dedicated 30+ minutes per body area,  2-3 times a week for up to one year.”

2-3 times a week ?!?! I don’t even have to the pluck the  random stray hairs more then once a week!  This is getting more stupid as I read  more about it.

Yeah of course you can see a result in 4-6 weeks, because that is the hair growth cycle.  If you are continuously damaging the hairs that are starting to grow out of course by 4-6 weeks you’ll notice it hasn’t come back: you haven’t let it yet! And when you compare that to waxing of course it looks good. I book my waxing clients every 4-6 weeks because the hair does need to be long enough to actually catch the wax to be pulled.

Want to Learn more about the Hair Growth Cycle and other hair removal options? Click the pic to learn!

Shaving is the absolute cheapest and takes far less long with the same result. Waxing is the cheapest way to have hair gone for 4-6 weeks, and then laser is the most expensive but can remove all together though that also takes a long time.

and for your amusement: Graveyard Girl Bunny gives the best reviews


About the company:

Everyone knows those “as seen on tv” things are usually a scam. They break, they are hard to get fixed, replaced or to get your money back. Pretty much the only safe thing to buy from them is a snuggie because how can you mess up a blanket with arms?

I looked at the section of the NoNo site where it states “Clinical studies”. Great… let’s see what they say and if there is anything negative, because even on facebook.. I can delete the bad comments I don’t want to see.

The first one is a white paper. White papers are not peer-reviewed and are not published in recognized medical or scientific journals.

Novelty: because it isn’t a medical device. They try very hard to make it sound like you have a laser system at home, but you don’t.

Calls it novel and has potential..

One study was by “The Radiancy Clinical Department”. This Radiancy company is the company that makes the NoNo, they also make other “skin care” products that you can buy from as seen on tv that uses some sort of LHE light (that they have created)….so that is obviously biased.  Reading this study further, they go into talking about LHE (Light Heat Energy) for skin and hair removal (its was considered to be a form of IPL but now is its own thing)… But the No!No! doesn’t use this to remove the hair.

Price Comparison:

  • Laser hair removal in Thunder Bay for a bikini line is 125$ 6-8 sessions equaling  750$ ish. 6-8 sessions is about a month and a half to 2 months.
  • A NoNo costs 300$, you use it 2-3 times a week, they break typically after 2 weeks (reviews from and a replacement pack costs 40-50$. In the 2 months you would of spent  500$.
  • So its a bit of a savings but also take into consideration shipping, use, and deals. Like when I called the local laser clinic in town they have a special on right now that the first laser treatment is 50$, so now its closer in range.

Okay, anything that is shared on those “dr.” shows is bs.  Just so I don’t start fully ranting on that topic, here is an episode of “Adam Ruins Everything” from trutv about Dr. Shows. All sources are cited on the show itself.


In the end I personally would not recommend this product, its time consuming, it has the potential to be good but ultimately the internet has spoken and says it sucks. If it does work for you and you’re happy great!  But if you want to spend 300$ on something else, and need your hair gone, come spend 35$ to get your bikini done and spend the other 265$ on something else that you need.


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