Nail Sprains…..Yes They Hurt!

Ever just go to grab your car door handle and your hand slips just enough to bang your nail…and it hurts soo much!?

No you’re not being  whimp. Nail sprains are very common and they can cause tons of damage.

Just because its not bleeding (that you might not see) it doesn’t mean that its not truthfully painful.

When It Just Happened to Me!

The above situation of my hand slipping on snow on my car door handle is what happened. And it hurt for 2 weeks. I had to wrap a bandaid around my finger like a tensor bandage for days cause it was just throbbing. I wear acrylic nails which if you’ve read this blog before/listened to my bill nye speech at the table about how they attach, they are chemically bonded to your nail. Which is good for staying power but when you’re a clutz like me, not fun if you bang your hands. I let my nails grow out for the 2 weeks without wanting to try to pry the nail off because it didn’t lift off or anything: just it really hurt. When I went to go give myself a nail fill I found the reason why it hurt so f*&%@!$&* much.

excuse my thumb in its prep for getting filled

As you can see my nail was cracked right through lengthwise and all the way to the bed. It was still healing from it being bruised so badly. The acrylic had been strong enough that the bend that my nail did couldn’t bend against it and broke inwards instead. In this case I couldn’t even cut the tip of my nail down because the break wasn’t grown out yet and still resting on top of my nail bed. The most I could do was double treat it for any risk of infection and then refill to let it have the chance to grow out to the end before I can take the end off. If it was closer to the end I would of left it and let it grow and heal without the nail extension on top.

Now my case was pretty bad, so don’t just think your nail is super messed up when you bang your nails but you can see how much they naturally bend and why a sprain with fake nails on hurts so much!

“It takes approximately six months for a fingernail to grow from the cuticle to free edge (12-18 months for a toenail) the client can be followed biweekly/monthly basis until the nail grows out and is normal. Nail technicians can continue to work on the nail ; In fact, it may be very helpful for the client to be under the care of a nail technician during the healing phase because the nail technician’s applications not only will provide the client with good cosmetic camouflage, but could aid the healing process as well. “- The Nail Doctor 

Don’t bandage or try to repair a damaged nail yourself. Go to a professional so you don’t get a nail infection.

If you are feeling like you are a clutz like me and you keep banging your nails and they break alot then you might need a break from nails or artificial nails might not be in the stars for you. Go natural now and then. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends skipping artificial nails occasionally, to give your own nails a break. Sometimes they are just even too short, too swollen or too weak to have the gel or acrylic be able to attach properly making constant fixes or biweekly (which can get costly) fills.

When to See a Health Care Provider

Go to an emergency room or call a health care provider quickly if:

  • The finger or toe is deformed, which may indicate fracture or dislocation. if you are unable to straighten and bend your finger normally, it may indicate a fracture or a tendon injury.
  • The wound looks deep or long enough to need stitches.
  • Discoloration or a bruise under the nail covers more than a quarter of the nail or there is continuing, intense pain.
  • The nail is completely torn off or partially cut off from a crush injury or cut.

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