Cruelty-Free is More than Not Testing on Animals

We all have the same types of images that go through our head when we hear “Cruelty-free cosmetics”; the pig with lipstick on it, the monkey wearing nail polish, rats dyed with different hair colours and more.

There has been a big swing in the right direction as cosmetic companies have been switching to more ethically based testing and becoming cruelty-free. Many countries are banning testing on animals at all (Canada is one of them!) “43% of consumers are even willing to pay more for products that are not tested on animals.” – Though I do find many companies (such as Dermae available for order and sale in spa) still keep their prices reasonable, because being nice shouldn’t come at a price.

click to enlarge to get the facts
But did you know that there are lots of other ways for estheticians, nail techs and hair stylists to be cruelty-free?

A few years ago, I wrote about a salon program called the Green Circle. It recycles everything a salon creates in waste. By collecting all hair trimmings so they make natural oil spill buoys which collect the oil faster and less waste. They also take the collection of chemicals(bleach, hair colour, perm solution, etc) and neutralize it so it becomes safe to put into a landfill.

Some products now come with an attached donation to a humane society or other  animal welfare charity. My supplier MissA has a charity called Paw Paws. Each donation goes to a animal shelter to help their animals and have events to find their forever homes. So when you buy their cruelty-free makeup brush sets from me, we have made a donation to help!

Look for their logo when you come in.

In the summer there is a initiative open for businesses to let their customers bring their animals inside with them. No excuses. No hot pets. is the program from the Ontario SPCA, and Sweet Cherry participates in the summer. If you haven’t been in here before you’ll know that I bring my dogs or cats into the spa sometimes on days where I have a mid-day vet appointment or when they are sick and I need to keep a eye on them. I make sure its okay with my clients of the day, most people were pretty pumped when I brought my new puppy last year for 2 weeks so she wasn’t alone at home: who doesn’t want to cuddle a sleepy puppy while relaxing getting a pedicure? 

But I totally encourage you in the summer to not tie and leave your dog outside or in the car, even if you are just running in to get a quick brow wax or pick something up. I have treats and fresh water available for your animals.

As of Jan 1st 2019 I can no longer allow pets in the spa per the new health unit legislation. Please make sure you have arrangements for your pets to stay home or someone to stay in the car that is on if you are running in.

My newest program that I am collecting for is called Wands for Wildlife. It was started by the Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. Seeing as I can’t reuse my mascara brushes because they are plastic and can’t be sterilized properly: they are one time use items for me as a makeup artist/lash tech. But the A.W.R collects used wands that would just end up in the garbage, and uses them to get mites, bugs and larvae out of the fur of their smaller animals.

I am always taking donations of mascara wands now for them; so go clean out your makeup drawer and bring me your old mascaras and brushes!

I have also made sure that the companies that I use are all cruelty free, some websites don’t say but I contact them and they have given their statements they do not test on animals.

Let’s keep the Sweet in Sweet Cherry Spa! Be kind to our animal friends, because they are forever kind to us. 

-A special thanks from all my fur babies


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