When Exactly Do I Need a Facial?

Want to know a truth about me? 

I barely ware makeup. For a makeup artist it seems weird, but I honestly just focus on my eyes, brows and lips for everyday wear. But it’s because I keep up with my skin care routine the the point I see no point in everyday foundation. But what should be a skin care routine? I’ve been hearing a new trend that differs from what I have been taught and telling my clients for years…


The meme is on point but that’s not the trend I was talking about.

That trend is you only need 2-4 facials a year. I was taught you need one every month! That’s a big difference and I want to explain what the thinking is behind each.

I think to understand when and why facials and skin care routines are important we need to ask 2 questions: how often does skin replenish itself? and why does skin stay oily/dry?

All cells have a turn over.. otherwise we’d be immortal like some jellyfish.. or die pretty instantaneously like microbes. Skin cells have a turnover rate of about 3-4 weeks. That also goes for other parts of our bodies that use some of the skin cells, harden and turn it into keratin to make your nails and hair.

Fun fact its only the epidermis that sheds is cells for its turnover. Your dermis has a different way to turn its cells over. This is why tattoos and scars don’t go away in a month.



Skin can stay one type for a long time even with that turnover though. Skin can stay dry or oily due to many factors, genetics, stress, hormones, environment, medications and improper skin care products. Oily skin is a overreaction to protect your skin. Dry skin is a sign of lack of moisture that is able to be held on to. Both can be extreme reactions to the same issue.


The deciding factor whether you should get a facial once a month or less is what your issue is.


Teens and people who have acneaic skin need a closely monitored skin care routine. It is really to dry out the acne and oils but then over dry and cause sensitive skin. Over using a oil stripping cleanser for acne skin types should not be used for months on end daily, switching to a purifying or sensitive line with the advice of a esthetician can help you reach your clear skin goals effectively.

Anti aging or brightening facials should also be done once a month. The process of brightening dull skin and fighting wrinkles and collagen loss can’t happen in 1 session. Paired with your skin care routine at home the extra serums, microdermabrasion scrubs, masks and the massage will help soften skin.


4x a year/Seasonally

If you have a good skin care routine at home and you are happy with your skin, you should still have seasonal facials. During the winter you should boost your moisture to fight the dry winter air(inside and out), switching to a  hydrating moisturizer. In the summers you can switch over to anti aging pr firming routine pairing it with protective serums and sun screens.

You should always have a daily routine or cleanser and a spf moisturizer. And don’t forget to take your makeup off before bed!



If you don’t know what your skin care needs are, I offer free skin care consultations!



Ask a Question or Leave a Comment: for booking appointments please call. I do NOT take appointments through comments.

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