Questions for Scotia: Do I Need Moisturizer?

Today someone asked: “Genuine question I had to ask today: Can you put moisturizer on in between face washings? Or it is like a once a day thing? Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a girl, amirite?”

Easy answer: Yes, you should use at least 1 moisturizer on your face each day.

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In further talking with the questioner, she told me that she was washing her face daily and exfoliating 2x a week (used to be every day). She works in a office building by the front door and has started taking a new medication that has a drying side effect.

My first thought was : so all you are doing is stripping your lipid barrier on your skin and leaving it raw? Ouchies!

When you have dry skin, you can also experience different levels of sensitivity. Make sure that when you are first trying to work on your skin you have the right products. Within that comment thread someone said they use aveno baby lotion on their face.

What’s the difference?

Creams are thicker and have more oils, they come in jars and usually meant for dry skin.  Hand and body creams are even thicker and can lead to breakouts if used on the face. You can find day creams which are lighter and night creams that are thicker because your skin absorbs more at night.

Lotions are thinner, they hold more water and used for normal skin. Usually used for body and hands more so because they spread so much further.

Moisturizers are the in between. They hold more water, sometimes are on the thicker side but the reason they hold more water is they are to be mostly absorbed by your skin. They don’t just provide extra oils and protection for your skin but bring in more.

Serums are highly concentrated gels or oils that have less base(cream or water) and more active ingredients for targeted skin care problems.

I was going to make this list into a easy to save picture but then found this and died a little.

Okay sorry for the distraction but I was highly distracted by that photo.

What should a daily and weekly routine be?

Daily you should wash your face in the morning, at the beginning of the week use your exfoliator and finish with your day cream. At the end of the day take your makeup off with a light oil or light makeup remover and use a night cream. Keep lip chap/balm on you for reapplying (especially

don’t forget your lip balm

during the winter when we go from dry hot air inside, dry cold air outside and woolly scarves scratching on our lips while we are outside trapping cold condensation to our lips).

Only use your exfoliator 2 or 3 times a week, 3 only if you have very oily or acenaic skin. Over exfoliating with dry flaky skin can result in super irritated and sensitive skin.

Once a week use a mask for your skin type, to make it easier start off your week with the full face care routine and start you week off feeling refreshed.

If you are having super hot showers just to warm yourself up in the winter, make sure that you switch your skin care products to hydrating lines. Keep up your skin care routine before you force a switch in your skin type to dry and sensitive. Hot showers will strip your skin of its lipid barrier and leave it raw, open to more cracking, cold and, sensitivity. If you already have sensitive skin, try different methods of warming up instead of the hot shower.


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