Questions for Scotia: Yes Mani and Pedis Come with a Massage!

See that dear readers? That’s my nail technician text book from college, look massage! Not “slap on some cream”……*facepalm & eyeroll*

I keep getting told this by my clients lately: “oh is the massage extra?” “I didn’t know it was supposed to have a massage.” “wait you are supposed to get a massage???”

Yes. Yes it is. It is supposed to take 10 minutes of your 30 minute manicure or  15 of your 60 minute pedicure.

Clients come to us for a full service, if they wanted a mini mani or a mini pedi then yes you can skip the full massage and put some cream on. But the full time that they are spending with you  includes this massage.

Any purpose of using a nail cream/nail oil/hand cream/cuticle cream is to moisten and hydrate the hand and nail area, keep skin smooth and healthy. This also helps your nails stay strong and flexible instead of dry and brittle. Most estheticians use a hand or foot cream for the massage, some will use oils instead. 

The foot massage should go from knee to toes. And the hand massage should go from elbow to finger tips. Because these are your extremities, getting a boost of blood and lymph circulation helps brings more nutrients to your skin and nails which can help with rashes, cuts, callouses, strengthening nails, and help fight fungal infections.


What if I’m too ticklish? Don’t worry I have many techniques to keep the tickling to a minimal. If it hurts too much because of fribromyalgia or still tickles in a bad way, I can always stop. I too have been kicked in the face and chest from very ticklish clients.



But don’t pay for a full pedicure or a full manicure and not get your massage unless you ask for a mini service or not to have it. The only note I can give for if you don’t get a full massage even by the best esthetician is if your feet or toe nails are in such rough condition that it might take up the time for the massage, but then again a good esthetician will explain this to you during the pedicure or manicure.

Enjoy your massage!



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