Hunting and Makeup: Do You Ware It?

I had a very interesting conversation with my good friend Katie Ball (owner of Silver Cedar Studio). She is a hunter and a trapper along with being a fur fashion designer.  Katie called me the other day and had some questions about makeup and her line of work.

Katie’s business profile photo: soo beautiful and silky!

“Should I invest in lash extensions? Should I bother wearing makeup because right now why would I when I’m just checking trap lines?

But I see all the other women of hunting on shows and at conventions wearing it.”


Katie was even just on a all women’s hunting panel which has opened some door to possibly being on a hunting tv show. “All those women wear so much makeup, it seems almost too much.”



From a women who lives in Northern Ontario and has experience with hunters but not much actually hunting my first question: wouldn’t make up add another human scent that would have to be covered up? I suppose it depends whether you are hunting, trapping, fishing and such. I could see that being more of a issue if you are in a tree stand for days or something.

So some hunting makeup alternatives that won’t cast as much of a human smell:

  • Mineral eye shadows and loose powders – bare mineral lines have little to nothing else but crushed and powdered highly pigmented stones
  • Kohl eyeliner – its just charcoal/kol/kohl blackened and burnt wood that has been pressed into a eye pencil
  • Mink lash extensions – yes these would be okay, plus then you can skip the masquara and get a great look
  • Beeswax Lip balm– Using a product that is all natural, like burt’s bees would be best. Most come in tinted colours as well so you can still not be so plain.


With a quick google of “women hunters” you can see most of these women have makeup on for their promotional materials. Which is another point we talked about. We came up with a plan, for the next few times Katie wants to take a pic of her doing work stuff for her social media accounts, take a pic without makeup and re do the pic with makeup and see how she feels.

I looked into it a bit more and found that this is a super popular question among outdoors women. The one comment I noted that stuck out to me was “I have the picture of my first buck, but I don’t like showing it to people even though I am super proud, I don’t have makeup on and I look like I’m not excited.”

That’s another reason why I asked Katie to ask herself: what do you think between photos of you at work with or without makeup? When I’ve gone through her social media it seems for the most part she already does ware makeup.

I hope you find out what works best for you Katie! If anyone else needs help on managing their look and style for work write in the comments below!


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