Product Knowledge: Lavendar

With the dark days ahead I am fighting to stay awake more so which also means I have been having restless nights.  I have opted to change my nighttime baths for myself to using products that are mixed with lavender to help!

So I want to explore more into the lazy English and French fields of lavender.


The name is derived from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash“, and you can probably tell from general knowledge that this plant has a long history of being used in soaps and other skin care.

Did you know lavender is apart of the mint family? That’s why lavender ice cream is soo good!

Even though it has a very aromatic smell, it is one of very few essential oils you can put onto your skin undiluted to treat such conditions as bites, burns, sunburns, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. However, do exercise caution while using the oil on children for treating insect bites. According to The University of Arizona, lavender oil must not be used on children below the age of 2 years.

The aroma of lavender is is used as a fragrance in all types of beauty products because it is relaxing and not a very irritating smell.

My grandmother had dried lavender in little pillows as accent pillows to keep her bed and pillows smelling nice and to help her sleep.
My grandmother had dried lavender in little pillows as accent pillows to keep her bed and pillows smelling nice and to help her sleep.

Its effects on the brain are to stimulate serotonin production which can calm down anyone feeling fearful, anxious, or stressed. Its scent induces alpha waves in the area of the brain that is responsible for relaxation, thus making you fall asleep faster for if you are an insomiantic. Which is why it is used in “night time” formulas and even the colour of lavender is used in all types of “bedtime” marketing… my ny-quill pills are even lavender coloured!


The essential oils from lavender have anti-spasmodic (helps with muscle spasms), anti-septic (helps reduce the possibility of infection) and  and carminative (helps with digestion) properties.  The calming action of lavender isn’t just for your brain and emotions but with it being anti-spasmodic and carminative it can help upset stomachs, sore muscles and joints too.

Helps Treat Acne:

Lavender oil is one of those few natural ingredients you can look up to for getting rid of acne troubles. The oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight the bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

  • Simply dab some lavender oil on your acne blemishes using a cotton swab, and see the desired results.

According to University of Maryland Medical Center, aromatherapists use lavender extensively for treating acne.

Can Help Heal Insect Bites:

Though not a serious problem, insect bites can indeed mess up with your daily activities. But that wouldn’t be the case when you have lavender oil handy.

  • Simply add a few drops of lavender oil on the insect bite or gnaw, and see the itching and swelling decrease considerably.

Lavender oil can act as a good insect repellent, and it has been traditionally used for treating insect bites.

 Find out more about lavender’s interesting history as many great women of power, such as Cleopatra, wore it as perfume! Click here to learn more.


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