How to SPFX : Sugarplum Fairy

Saturday I had the pleasure to once again teach a 1 hour panel on how to do a specific special effects (spfx) makeup at Thundercon 2016.

This year I chose to do the “Sugarplum Fairy” from the movie “Cabin in the Woods”.


I taught how to do this look 3 different ways. I promised that I would post it on my blog so everyone could learn who couldn’t make it.


This is what I finished with, each row of teeth are made in a different way. The outer layer is with latex, cotton and tissue. The inner layer is made from gelatin and the tongue and smallest row of teeth is painted on. Most of the teeth are teeth I ordered from meant for making dentures. I chose these because they won’t stain with blood or anything so I can reuse them in different makeups down the line. The others are small teeth made with cottonballs and white liquid latex.


My first advice when wanting to create a specific look from a movie/tv show is if you can google or find a “art of” book from the movie/tv can help you find a full concept photo to work off of. Like this photo:


You can see how far out this makeup comes so it can cover the nose. If you follow my instragram you would of seen a few weeks ago when I first was trying this on myself the outer row of teeth was super flat and you could tell there was a face in it.

  1. How to make the outer layer with Liquid Latex
    • You will need:
      • Latex
      • Tissue and cotton balls
      • Red, pink, black and yellow face paint
      • A face mold
      • Your skin colour matching foundation
  2. Start with a face shaped mold (a mask, fake head), cover with baby powder. Use this so you can see where your eyes. nose and mouth will go.
  3. Start laying latex then tissue/cotton and keep going until its as thick as you want.
  4. Make teeth out of the same materials and attach with latex
  5. Let set for a hour
  6. Use some latex to adhere prosthetic to face.
  7. Cover edges with latex and tissue paper
  8. Paint between teeth rows with black and red on your nose, using more black outwards through rings. Paint pink and red on the gum line around teeth
  9. Use matching skin tone foundation to cover tissue and latex to your skinlatex2
2. How to make the teeth rows using gelatin
  • you will need:
    • Red food colouring
    • Gelatin mix (not jell-o)
    • Water
    • White clay or other materials to make teeth
    • Latex
    • Tissue
    • Your skin colour foundation
    • Black and red face paint
  1. Mix 1 part gelatin with 1 part water and mix in red food colouring. Make sure it isn’t jell-o as this won’t last or stay hard it will fall apart because of the added sugar. don’t try to skip the step or be cheap because jell-o comes in red and pink.
  2. heat for 12 seconds in microwave
  3. While still warm create the circles and build it up.
  4. Add the teeth to set while the gelatin is setting.
  5. Let set for 5 minutes.
  6. Use some latex to adhere gelatin to face.
  7. Cover edges with latex and tissue paper
  8. Paint between teeth rows with black and red on your nose, using more black outwards through rings.
  9. Use matching skin tone foundation to cover tissue and latex to your skin






3. Painting on Teeth Rows

  • You will need:
    • Primer
    • Setting Powder
    • Red, black, pink, white, yellow face paint
    • Glue stick
  1. Use the glue stick to glue down your eyebrows
  2. Pat on some setting powder to set the glue
  3. Cover your face with some foundation primer
  4. First outline where your rings of teeth will be.
  5. The outer ring should go to under your bottom lip and over your eyebrows.
  6. The middle ring should go around the bridge of your nose and over your top lip
  7. The inner ring goes around the center of your nose
  8. Then paint on a tongue on your nose to force the prospective into hiding your nose. facepaint3


I hope to see what you guys can do! If you try this at home please post pics in the comments or tag me on instagram!

lot of people asked where her eyes were or if she could see. Dee wore blackout contacts to help conceal her eyes but the top tooth row comes off the forhead like the brim of a baseball hat.
ready for the creepy ballet!

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