Makeup 101: Foundation

Walking into any cosmetic counter will always give you a good look at how different every skin tone can be just a little different. A nude rainbow of colour!

Foundation, also known as base makeup, is a tinted cosmetic used to:

Even out skin tone

Conceal imperfections

Protect the skin from the outside elements(dirt, pollution)

It also helps correct dark circles, blemishes, pigmentation, redness and other facial features. If these features are too noticeable under just your normal foundation the next step would be concealer.

Picking the right foundation colour

Foundation that is noticeably lighter than the skin can draw attention to problem areas.

Whereas too dark foundation can make a face look wider and possibly look like you have a different face compared to the rest of your body.

“A good tip is to have 2 foundations for throughout the year. A lighter one in the winter when typically your skin isn’t getting enough sun and tends to lighten up, and a darker shade for in the summer to match with the natural tan. ” – learn more about summer foundation types 

cream, pressed, loose
cream, pressed, loose
Face powder: use to add a matte/finished look to the face.

It can also help enhance the skin’s natural colour. It also is used to set foundation, meaning the foundation will be sealed in and nothing such as dust, dirt, smoke (or other air pollution) or hairs/fibers can get stuck in the more liquid/cream base.

There are 2 forms of powder: loose and pressed though there are not any differences between the two (ingredient-wise) minus that pressed has binders added so it doesn’t crumble.

Loose powder does do a better job at setting the foundation just due to you can get more into your brush and it glides over the face better.

You can use both, blend them together if you like to contour, or just use one or the other.


What do you prefer and why?


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