Why are Wedding Trials Important?

So its a few months till your big day! And you have a entire pinterest wall full of makeup and hair and nail ideas but how do you even pick one?
I like the lips on this one… but the top part of this hair style… but these nails don’t match my dress but the style is super pretty!


Wanting to be the most beautiful bride is super stressful. But that is why there are professionals who can help!

So When Should I start looking to do this?

This is highly debated between professionals.

“..Make sure to do a trial run or two at least two weeks before the wedding day. .”- Offbeat Bride.com
“…As a general rule trials are done around 12 weeks prior to the wedding…”- reval hair and makeup

2 to 12 is a big jump! At my salon I say makeup 1-2 weeks prior for makeup and Holly hairstlyist whom I work closely with in Hair Infinity Salon (where I am also located) says for hair a week prior.
Both of our decisions are based on the ideas being fresh in our minds and so there is barely any time for anything to majorly change. 12 weeks sounds ludicrous to me just because how many times in 2-3 months have you re done your roots? waxed your eye brows? maybe even dyed your hair? These all have time to change your look overall and possibly have something mess up.

So you have all your pins and ideas that you want. That is great bring them with you! We love to see what you like, its harder to describe something then just showing! Email them, print them off, just have your pics ready on your phone or tablet.

check out my wedding ideas page from when I was getting married
What else should I bring?

If you have a veil, glasses, contacts (especially if they are colour changing), flowers, hats or specialty jewelry.

The whole point of the trial is to have everything ready for you so there is no trial and error when you only have given yourself 2-4 hours before the wedding to get ready. This will be also booked with your stylist instead of hoping there’s enough time to figure everything out day of. It is also easier so you are comfortable with your stylist, not just a random person showing up dictating your look.

So how much are trials?

Depends on the place, some places ask for a deposit for a wedding party and trial and some don’t. HollyHairstylist charges 60$ a hour for colour and style wedding hair trials and I charge 40$ a hour for makeup trials.

sexy bride

If you want to know more about whats available to you as a bride in Northwestern Ontario check out this sundays wedding wishes formal fair!



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