La Visage: a Beginner’s Introduction to Makeup


What makeup is and does
how to pick the right makeup for you
basic day to night makeup
what is contouring?

The class is 3 hours and costs 140$, limited space is available
Please call 251-2891 to book your spot!

handouts of presentation will be provided but note taking is encouraged!

Scotia kauppi has been a makeup artist for 10+ years, teaching makeup and esthetics at Everest College, sharing her condensed version of what was taught there. MUD cosmetics will be used, and available for purchase and order.

If you are looking to just do a one on one on what looks best on you, you can scheduled private lessons for 40$ with me. Bring me your makeup you use and I will go through it with you!

softer skinla-visage-class-large


Ask a Question or Leave a Comment: for booking appointments please call. I do NOT take appointments through comments.

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