M.U.D Makeup

I recently just brought in a new makeup line: MUD Make-Up Designory.

I have wanted to only use a proline for a long time, they are well tested(not on animals!) they have a professional school and are always very up to date.

As a makeup artist I love when everything comes in pallets for the makeup artist: nothing worse then lugging around 10+ bottles of foundation. MUD does!

I have already used it on a photoshoot and a wedding and I love the liners, the masquara and the setting translucent powder!

So whats the big deal between pubic and prolines?

If anyone has ever talked to me for more than 10 minutes, you will hear my opinion of the allure of MAC makeup.
It’s not that I hate it.. because in fact I LOVE MAC………but…
anyone can buy, use and sell MAC. Not to ever diminish anyones talent because I know 100% there are tons of self trained artists out there who blow some of the most experienced artists out of the water.

Their allure though makes you think you are buying a proline…which is what I don’t like about it. It is a higher end public line.

Public lines are makeup companies that super mass produce their products, anyone can buy and sell them. That also doesn’t always take away if they are good enough, but quality and ingredients get down graded I find. These are lines that you can buy anywhere and everywhere from the local drug store, walmart and even still at makeup counters like at sears.

One brand of public lines that I still really like is E.L.F(Eyes lips face) Cosmetics.

When you get to the higher public lines, the price goes up and so does the training. If you notice these lines will have their own stores or at least hold classes for the public these brands are like MAC, Merle Norman and L’ancome. They have specific training for each line or store.

Inbetween public and pro lines are private lines. These are stores that only have maybe a online store and their products in small boutiques or only sold to a companies. Sometimes celebrities open these types of stores as little projects instead of doing a seasonal collection with a bigger company.

My favourite is Kat Von D which is exclusive to sephora, where anyone can buy, they have better training and fewer products.

Now there are pro-lines :
MUD is a pro-line of makeup. Only licensed makeup artists, estheticians and hair stylists can buy and sell these types of brands.They have full college courses for makeup artistry and branch out into many different forms. The price goes up a bit higher but not by much then high end public lines.

Another proline that I love to use is Kryolan makeup: the brand they use on Face Off the tv competition.

I want to use more of my new MUD line to make specific reviews but if you are interested in trying some out for yourself, come get a makeup lesson from me, attend one of my upcoming workshops, or order/buy some from me.


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