Sunshine Skin Care

Sunshine.. not the brand name.. the actual physical big ball of hydrogen that sends out waves in space.

Yesterday in Northwesten Ontario was pretty much the first day of summer. It was +30 C and just beautiful.  And if you follow my instagram you would of seen I was thinking about my skin care by using the sun.



But what about cancer? aren’t we susposted to be vampires?? Hiding away from the sun, covering up, wearing all of the sun screen we can possibly put on?

Yes and no…. you all know I am not adverse to the idea of being a vampire. 🙂

We’ll go backwards here No, the sun can be good for you!

The suns rays are still hard on your skin no matter what and by now its definitely been drilled into out heads. What can the sun do for us?

It boosts vitamin D

Vitamin D  helps prevent cancer. it also helps with keeping your hair growth strong as you mature. It is the boost of vitamin D that helps heal scars (which is why I am currently sun tanning for 15-20 a day).

It helps you sleep better.

Ever hear the saying “Gray days make you gray”? I know on a gray day it just draggs on and on and all I want to do is hide in bed.  Not waking up fully, keeping your body tired means your circulation is tired as well. The sun helps your brain realize its day time, especially in the morning. I know I am bad for this, I wake up before the sun rises and don’t turn any lights on so my body takes longer to wake up (this is intentional because I wake up my husband, take him to work then go back to sleep).  But don’t you always feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning sunshine? That’s your body properly resetting.

It makes you Happy: that’s why we draw suns with happy faces!

Have you ever heard of SAD? not just being sad, but having sad? It stands for seasonal affective disorder.

ever seen this creepy looking picture? In more northern communities there is not enough sunlight and become vitamin d deficient.

Sunlight helps boost your serotonin levels, level’s them out. If you are stuck inside all the time or live in an area with never ending winters, your mood can become erratic and depressed. Getting daily sun exposure helps boost your serotonin and levels your mood.

So on the note for Pro-Vampires.

Yes over using sun tanning or especially tanning beds where you don’t have clouds and shadows to protect you can cause skin cancer.  There is always a risk (especially in darker skinned individuals) when you activate skin cell growth, that it can activate abnormal skin growth. Whether it starts as a burn, forms moles, rashes, or cancerous lesions. A very simple way of explaning tanning and the skin cancer growth is:

Very tanned skin, gets leathery..we’ve all seen this:

Leather is thick, and your skin underneath is still trying to grow to get rid of that leather. But you keep basting it in oils and sealing in the flavour. Your skin doesn’t shed at its normal rate but it wants to! All that new skin thats trying to grow is trapped under this hardened roof and with the risk of constantly activating new skin cells, trapping them with vitamin D getting trapped, not being used and breaking down… melanoma can form.

Even in the best case you do have some melanoma forming, it will cause some sort of skin disorder first that you can see.. but if your skin looks like that pictured above.. you won’t see it! Then its too late.

So there are the pros and cons of sitting in the sun.  Remember you don’t need to tan to get the supply of vitamin d, feel rested and be happy. You should still wear sun screen, avoid getting too tanned, and avoid getting burnt! Wear hats, drink lots of water, even wear longer sleeves or fashionable scarves! Check the weather channel or website to see how long you should be out in the sun for.. for a safe amount.

Myself pictured above is in a bikini because I was trying to get the sun on my breast argumentation scars and there is kind of only one way of getting the sun on that area 😛


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