Makeup Hacks Fails

I keep getting questions about these makeups hacks online that everyone is trying. I don’t usually bother with makeup hacks, because they are usually “cheap” out routes that I as a professional don’t need to take.

Sometimes experiments are fun, some of these hacks that I have looked up are from the depression, the ancient art of makeup or from WWII. To me these aren’t “hacks” they are from hard times and before we had primers, moisturizers, and many different products.

If you really want to go find bugs, ground up their exoskeletons and blend with honey for bright lipstick: have fun. I’ll be at Sephora.

But after half a bottle of wine at my friend Di’s house, we started looking some up. She had asked about the red lipstick hack before and told me she tried it and failed hard. We have been talking about trying it with me who might have better luck.

First off here’s the hack: you take red lipstick to cover up dark under eye circles, then just blend out and cover with your foundation.

So why are you using your red lipstick, when you can get a colour matching concealer that costs the same? This isn’t really saving you money unless its 1930 and you only have lipstick because the nazi’s blew up your house.

This is not just some weird steam punk fanfic: Women during the depression and women who were in concentration camps did use their red lipstick in other ways: as a cream blush, or if they didn’t have lipstick… blood. They needed to look healthy to stay alive so they’d rub blood on their cheecks.

So one thing that barely any of these girls say: red ONLY works with a darker, red based skin tone. Not olive, not ivory, not dark with a sallow undertone. Di is olive with a more yellow(sallow) undertone.

diane redIn many of the different videos we watched, they either put on a ton of red, or just used the lipstick straight on to the face, like your eyes were another set of lips.

Instead I used a small concealer brush and gave one swipe from the lipstick and it spread this much.



11291999_10155589484645298_1182696376_nI covered and blended(with a fresh brush) using her Mary Kay liquid foundation, which was wayy too liquid (I wouldn’t buy this).  We checked in the bleed throughother light if it looked okay: this is right away. I looked a little pink but wasn’t too bad. Definitely okay if you were going to a dark place like a bar. 

But as time went by, it got pinker and pinker, like she was slowly growing pink eye. It was bleeding through!


We did find this video of #graveyardgirl (whom I love all her videos) of her trying this. Her point about being pale and using a coral or apricot colour was a good idea but my final thought on this was is still.. go buy some normal cover up in a nude or a violet.




Next we tried the Oreo cookie Mascara

Why!?! why do you think you need to buy oreos (which cost like 4+$) and not go spend 1$ on mascara from the dollar store if you need to. Who thinks of these things? I’m assuming bored, stoned teenagers. Anyways here’s the video we watched:

My eyes hurt from rolling them again.  Luckily Di had a sleeve of oreo’s  so we crushed them up, mixed with the water and eye primer.  When we did watch this video we did notice one thing: when she goes to put the oreo mascara on, her lashes are a bit lighter = She has lash primer on there already!

the only good results of this was 1. the oreos she had was MEGA stuffed… not double… MEGA! 2. she did not get cookie in her eye which could of cause an infection and a corneal abrasion

cookie eyes vs



The only difference was that the oreo made it a bit darker but nothing else… waste of a good cookie.




Summary: Just don’t.

These are fun to try, but honestly you are wasting money and time.  There are millions of products out there that range from 50 cents to 100$ I am sure somewhere in the world you can find something that isn’t rubbing crushed cookies or beetles into your face.


Keep an eye out for next week’s blog it according to the internet is a makeup hack but its not…. contouring.


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