White, Nude or Black Undereyes?

What are the tips that you have heard to make your eyes look bigger? Or to look more awake?

Usually its a mix of concealer and white eyeliner. But who has white under eyes? Drag Queens, High Fashion, Anime characters and vampires.

white, nude, black: which looks more awake?


A few years ago, I wrote a new buy post about Merle Norman’s cream mechanical nude eyeliner.

And I still love it !

Originally I was looking for a nude lipliner and filler that was just a bit off from my foundation without having to just buy a whole new foundation.  I normally hate mechanical liners, they seem to dry out faster because they don’t have the wood around keeping in the moisture, but this one is (still) super creamy.

I like the nude for along your under eye, its more natural. The white, as I said before makes you look cartoony. It wants to match the whites of your eye but it will never match.

You don’t need to buy the exact one from MN that I bought. You can sweep along some (for sensitive skin) foundation with a liner brush, or use just a nude eye shadow powder.

I like to wear the black under my waterline, but I have big, round eyes and I do like to have RBF(resting bitch face) or for those who like classy terms: I like to look smoulder-y.

If you are going to use white eyeliner, use it like this. only in the corner and brought a bit in.

Not like this: It is a very distinctive look and I would only personally use it for a more high fashion shoot or as a runway look.


One thought on “White, Nude or Black Undereyes?

  1. Nude is really pretty in the water line. I don’t usually wear liner in my waterline, but when I do, I use just a bit of white liner.


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