Questions For Scotia: Pearl Extract

This will be a new type of post on here and I hope more come in!

today’s question is:

Dear Sweet Cherry,
I have become a big fan of your blog. I find it very informative and love that it explains some of the industry speak out there that causes me confusion when purchasing beauty products and tools. Knowing this information will save me a lot of effort and money when buying products in the future. Speaking of… I have recently come across pearl powder pallets and am wondering, what are they for? How are they used? Could I replace bronzers or blushes with this?

Thanks in advance. 😉 – Diane

I think ever since I saw these bubbly little compacts I too was confused just on design base alone.

So most of these types of products do come in bronzers, blushes and powder foundations. So yes you definitely can use these as a replacement for what you have.

Why do they look like that? marketing. They have pearl extract in them, so they want them to look like pearls.  From a practical standpoint I can’t see the separate pearl beads lasting long before drying out or getting a lot of product on your brush from them. These are also usually a mix of different tones and hues to give a better matching to your skin tone to even it out.

I will say I have no personally bought this product but did spend the last 2 days researching it.  From that research most people are saying it is hard to get product off if you aren’t using the right brush, which to get more stubborn facial powders and to blend evenly: use a kabukki brush. A blush brush is too soft and sparse to get the product off these little balls.

Now Pearl extract: why is it a big deal?

Pearl powder is the dried powder from fresh water pearls: used to add shine to lipsticks and powders. May also be called mica on ingredient labels. It still means pearls or “any group of minerals that are found in a crystallized, thin, elastic sheets that can be separated easily. they vary in colour from pale green, brown, black to white. Ground and widely used as a lubricant, colouring in cosmetics and to create a glow in makeup…”  – a consumer’s dictionary of cosmetic ingredients

Edit: see comments below, Mica is a mineral that is mined but has the same effect as pearl. 

It seems to me sine mica has been a approved cosmetic ingredient since the 70’s, that now just calling it by its natural name it just a “natural” and “organic” marketing boost. Yes they are both those things as pearls are considered minerals and mineral makeup is always better for the planet and your skin, especially if you are a consumer who actively participates in all natural products.


warning: make sure its pearl powder or pearl extract if its labeled “pearl essence” that is fish scales used to give iridescence in nail polish– NOT MEANT FOR FACE.


So Diane I hope that I have helped you out! If anyone else has questions feel fee to comment, message me on facebook or email me at


2 thoughts on “Questions For Scotia: Pearl Extract

  1. Mica is not ground pearls. It may leave a pearly finish but it is a mineral that is mined and then finely ground into a powder.


    • thank you very much for that clarification, the mica definition was listed as an alternative label for pearls in the cosmetic ingredient dictionary I was citeing. where it said “pearls or any other….”


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