Quick cosplay makeup: hipster Ariel


Ever just want to be a Disney Princess?  But yourself at the same time?
I did when I saw the bottom left photo!

The change from my regular red to red and black was fun but I just I thought I looked too much like my old self.  I also have wanted to do the side shave aka “skrillex” hair. Though wearing it as a new trend is long past due but in recent media it’s popular again. The 2 new female characters in both “Vikings” and “the Hunger Games Mocking jay” are rocking it.


Copying the makeup from the pic using MAC “dilft” cream eyeshadow and gosh emerald  effects shadow.  And merely norman “hussy” lip pencil plus. All are sparkly!
I quickly made the black sea shell bra and the fork necklace.  I had the gold coral necklace and already have a sea themed sleeve tattoo.



I love cosplay! Check out my Instagram (posted on the sidebar) for more cosplays such as rule 64 freddy kruger, snow white, cleopatra and more!
If you could cosplay who would you choose?

Sweet Cherry Scotia mua


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