Last Appointments for the Week of Jan 19-24

Last Appointments open this week are Tuesday the 20th :
10AM -1PM
3PM – 5PM

Will resume taking clients on the 27th

dont forget to get ready for your vactation
Call 251-2891 to book an appointment

I am going on my honeymoon from the 21st till the 26th! So Hurry up and book your appointments in now!

If you too are going on vacation to escape this cold, don’t forget that

Waxing lasts 3-6 weeks depending on how long you have been waxing for, or when you start within your hair growth cycle

Manicures last 2-4 weeks. This also depends on how long your body naturally produces your nails, your health and your lifestyle.

Pedicures last 3-6 weeks, these last a bit longer because we don’t do as much with our feet, plus toe nails take a bit longer to grow.


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Ask a Question or Leave a Comment: for booking appointments please call. I do NOT take appointments through comments.

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