The Fashion of a Scottish Girl on Christmas

Being from a very Scottish family, I think plaid is the norm to wear to any and all family events. We had my husband’s family’s annual xmas reunion this weekend so I wanted to dress up.(they’re Finn and a bit of Scottish)

The Nails

I got some cool nail art wraps for xmas from avon. I wanted to try them out as it’s been a while since I first used any on myself.

10872445_10155006973560298_566121176_nI quite liked these, they are still tricky to put on yourself, I do them for clients all the time so I was a bit more frustrated with myself. They are more vinyl than just a plain sticker, so they had a better stretch to them.

I also received a bunch of the new avon line of their gel nail polish. I only used the gel top coat to seal in the nail wraps. I was actually pretty impressed.

I just thought “Oh they are just using the word gel as a buzz word.. it’ll just be high gloss”.  

Nope. It actually works pretty good its like shellac without having to cure it. I had shellac that was growing out underneath and it gave me a fill. Avon coloured me impressed for once.

The Makeup

I wanted to try some tartan art in my makeup as well.


I broke up the regular thick liquid line I use for my cat eye wing tips into just the horizontal lines, as if I was doing a cross hatch drawing. I then used my straight Liner brush for the gold powder and red gel liner to cross into the black liquid liner.

plaid eyes

The Fashion

my husband doesn’t know how to take good fashion pics

I wanted to wear my beautiful corseted plaid skirt. I have a favourite winter sweater that I actually found at Value Village. its a shoulder cut black sweater that already had ornamental crystal snowflake buttons sewn onto it.

I also had bought these pair of shoes originally for my wedding when I was going to buy a black dress but that didn’t work out. But they look like gothic highland dancing shoes with dark red lace.

well I hope everyone had a great christmas/holiday/yule/haunakah



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