Inspired Makeup: The Hobbit

With the last Hobbit movie coming out, “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” my inner… that’s a lie… my outer nerd got leveled up a lot!

I have a contest right now on my instagram!

tolkien contest

So go on my instagram and comment your answer to win. I will announce the 3 winners on here next wednesday.

What will you win?  one set of 3 different Hobbit themed press on nails with custom nail art made by me.

  1. Black obsidian nails with gold Elvish script
  2. Green Dragon eyes
  3. Purple Dragon( or Sauron) eyes

For those of you who do not personally know me: I love anything and everything fantasy. I love the writings of JRR Tolkien, George Martin, king Arthurian legends, faeries, elves, trolls, and wizards!

So for the whole day waiting to go to the premier of the movie I was very excited. And wore my Mordor shirt and did my makeup Smaug themed.

10859684_10154970649960298_682054430_nsorry if I look unimpressed, it was 8am  before my second breakfast

For my lips(which the contest is about) I did a red with some blue in the middle.


For the eyes I made a a flame scheme, from in the inner corner I worked from yellow, orange red and then blended in a dark brown (instead of black which I think would of overpowered the rest of the blend). I highlighted underneath with a pure mineral powder of bronze flake.

I also did my nails to reflect the most important gem in all of Middle Earth( after the simarils) the arkenstone.

The Arkenstone shone of its own inner light, and appeared a little globe of pallid light in darkness, and yet, cut and fashioned by the Dwarves, it took all light that fell upon it and changed it into ten thousand sparks of white radiance shot with glints of the rainbow.  (

arkenstone nailArkenstone

I used the base of the grey to reflect the rest of the stone, and then layered a rainbow sparkle underneath, made a diamond pattern in a light blue and then covered with another light blue and silver sparkle over top.

The movie was great by the way, too much elves though. The book is about dwarves not elves.

So I hope to see some entries soon on my instagram!  Once again the question is:

Why was there blue intentionally put on the red on my smaug lips?

Good luck I will announce the winners next Wednesday Christmas eve. (this contest is open to everyone)!

I’m going to go read some more!



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