Product Knowledge: Himalayan Salt Block

This will be a NEW section to my blog: Product Knowledge. Where I will be telling you about the products that I use in my spa, why I use them, their benefits, and even sometimes things that I don’t like.

The first installment is about the Himalayan salt block.


You may have seen this one the “As seen on tv”. I can assure you that is not why or where I got it from. Not to say that those products aren’t always bad, but I wouldn’t be passing my own standards of professionalism if I did.(Maybe the organizational things are as far as I’d go because I love to be organized and don’t care where it comes from if it helps).

I saw these blocks first a few years ago at a holistic trade show.  I always liked the salt lamps, I find them very soothing so these peaked my interest.

The first reason that I ended up finally buying one was for a practical reason. I need something to lift my client’s feet up out of the towels so I can properly paint the toenails. Pinkie toes always like to curl into the towel and under the feet, even with toe separators.

The  Second reason I brought in this item is that it is a great way to do a little extra detox to my pedicures.   Salt regulates the immune system, provides anti- bacteriological and anti-inflammatory relief, and is a healthy anti-aging therapy.  These can help with any small cuts, swelling, and dermatitis.

Using natural mineral salts revitalizes the body with calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Himalayan salt contains 84 trace minerals and elements(the highest concentration in any form of salt).

Aching muscles are alleviated and the skin softened as the detoxifying salts draw out impurities.  

Please do not think this is a cure all or will do crazy amazing things and help alleviate all problems(like some websites and other holistic practitioners will tell you), that’s what doctors are for and I for sure are not a doctor. These only release a small amount of minerals, and you’re skin isn’t as permeable as some believe. Especially the skin on your feet which is the thickest on your body.

As a esthetician I care deeply about keeping everything safe and healthy, and what is great about salt is that it has strong antimicrobial properties so it stays clean. (Don’t worry I still wash and scrub it properly)

For more information about how Himalayan salt is mined and used throughout the home and work, I really like this blog:

I do understand that there is some controversy about how it is mined and actually comes from Pakistan. I don’t think that the geography plays a giant part in their calming ability.

I hope you will enjoy this new product, and if you have any comments or questions please comment, email or contact me at the spa.


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