Summer Sensitive Skin

This summer was the first time that I got a sunburn on my face since I was a kid. I have been out in the sun even more, actually suntanning and just running around.
So I went to go put on my mineral powder foundation the other morning before work and the brush scratched me! I can admit that its due for a deep cleaning and conditioning of its bristles but it still hurt way too much. Then I noticed that putting on eyeliner started to hurt too.. and my lips get chapped so easily from eating regular foods.

Sitting out in the sun at camp.. I don't look red do I?
Sitting out in the sun at camp.. I don’t look red do I?

I don’t have sensitive skin: its pretty normal with some oily patches sometimes and the apples of my cheeks get dry in the winter. So I knew what was going on.. even though my face isn’t brunt red and peeling and all the other signs of having a sun burn… it know it was a very deep burn.





So what can you do with a burn you can’t see but feel?

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Sunshine Skin Care

Sunshine.. not the brand name.. the actual physical big ball of hydrogen that sends out waves in space.

Yesterday in Northwesten Ontario was pretty much the first day of summer. It was +30 C and just beautiful.  And if you follow my instagram you would of seen I was thinking about my skin care by using the sun.



But what about cancer? aren’t we susposted to be vampires?? Hiding away from the sun, covering up, wearing all of the sun screen we can possibly put on?

Yes and no…. you all know I am not adverse to the idea of being a vampire. 🙂

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