Product Review: M.U.D Makeup

Many of you have come through and gotten some of my M.U.D makeup. Or if you remember my post a few months back about why I choose to work with pro-lines vs just store bought makeup.
mud-makeup-designory-77387791 good blackI have had some great reviews from the makeup:

“It feels so light, I keep forgetting I have foundation on”- Diane

“I love how bright this Ladybug red is, and my friend adores your Flirt bright pink!” – ¬†Lucia¬†

Model – Miss Kelly MUA- me Photography – Scott Hobbs Photography

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Product Knowledge: ZOYA Nail Polish

In my quest of providing smart, safe and sweet services to all of you, I always have a few things on my mind that I know that I and Yourselves care about.

-cruelty free


-toxin free

So the newest addition of products that I have for use and sale is Zoya Nail polish!

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Poll: new makeup line

I’m thinking in the next few months to bring in a new makeup line to the room to use as an artist and also sell.

There are a few I know of that I’m already considering but I want everyone’s ideas!

What I’m looking for is:
-a full line
-high quality/private line
-if they have extras like facial products or polishes


So shoot me your favourite private lines! If I end up picking your line as a referral gift I will give away a product prize and makeup application with a mini photoshoot.