New Products and Services!

Sweet Cherry Spa is very happy to be offering facial services and skin care analysis!

Using Derma E quality skin care products for a customized facial to help with your specific skin care needs.

Your facial with start with a 20 minute consultation about your skin and your care concerns. Then You will get a customized:

  • a cleanse
  • a toner
  • an appropriate  textured exfoliator for you
  • steam or hot towel face wrap for 10 minutes
  • any extractions if needed and this is the time you can fit any waxing in
  • a customized masque 15-20 minutes with a Hempz hand massage or add a manicure
  • 15 minute face, decolte, shoulder and neck massage
  • serums and sun screen to finish

the whole process takes an hour and a half.

What else is new???

Well now you can come in store and purchase MUD makeup, brushes, nail files, Zoya Nail polish and Derma e.

You can also grab a catalogue or look online to order more products that aren’t carried in house! (Shipping is free!)


Product Knowledge: Hempz Cream


I am sure you have seen it: the big bottle of body lotion that has a giant hemp leaf on it. Even the 11 year old girl who came in with her mom for makeup noticed the “bad leaf”.

I have been using Hempz brand hand, foot and body creams for 10+ years.  I have always liked their brand, never had any problems so I decided to bring it into my shop as well for use and sale. They also have more of a body line and a hair care line called “Hempz Couture”.

images (1)

Once again it does fit into my smart, safe and sweet policy… which may surprise you if you don’t know much about hemp and think it might be dangerous to have but you’d be giving into the confusion that comes between hemp and cannabis.

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Product Knowledge: ZOYA Nail Polish

In my quest of providing smart, safe and sweet services to all of you, I always have a few things on my mind that I know that I and Yourselves care about.

-cruelty free


-toxin free

So the newest addition of products that I have for use and sale is Zoya Nail polish!

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Permanent Masquara AKA Lash Perming

Before I had written about lash extensions in “Should I tint or extend?” But there is a step between going from nothing to trying lash extensions: Eyelash Perming!

I just took a intro class last night to eyelash perming to see if I would be interested in it and if its a worthwhile service.

It is! And I will be bringing it in soon!

this is the product I will bring in

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Questions For Scotia: Pearl Extract

This will be a new type of post on here and I hope more come in!

today’s question is:

Dear Sweet Cherry,
I have become a big fan of your blog. I find it very informative and love that it explains some of the industry speak out there that causes me confusion when purchasing beauty products and tools. Knowing this information will save me a lot of effort and money when buying products in the future. Speaking of… I have recently come across pearl powder pallets and am wondering, what are they for? How are they used? Could I replace bronzers or blushes with this?

Thanks in advance. 😉 – Diane

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Product Review: Makeup Brushes

Why do you have 30+ makeup brushes Scotia? Are you a Hoarder?

Nope, But I am a professional makeup artist(MUA). You don’t need that many for sure!

Pro’s need so many to be able to fit every type of face and facial feature

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Product review: Texture Nail Polishes

For the beginning for 2014 on my  other blog Elegant Embodiments, I did a review about the caviar “Belguria” Essie nail polish and how much I hated it. It had bigger microbeads in it, rather than dipping your nails in it like the Ciate brand has.

read it here:   

This week I forgot that I had bought a new pink China Glaze texture nail polish, so I tried it. And I remembered why I normally don’t like these polishes. They look like a popcorn ceiling, or stucco. Especially with this pink I feel like my nails have scabies or some sort of weird skin disease on them. Gross.    Also they look and feel like a cat tongue.

I do like the colour at least

Now don’t get me wrong there are many different types of texture nail polishes. from even glitter, feather, sand and more!

And I do like some….

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Product Review: Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline

I rarely buy makeup at shoppers drug mart or any regular beauty counter really. I normally shop online straight from the companies or from sephora when I can. I saw a commercial for this new foundation by Maybelline and thought to try it.

My routine usually doesn’t use foundation because my skin is normally healthy enough that just a matte powder that has a bit of colour correction is fine.  The foundation that I use for photoshoots or special occasions is Urban Decay HD liquid foundation. Which is so HD that I have to make sure to have a mini facial before hand. It is also a bit expensive(have to order it online or grab it when I’m out of town) so I don’t want to use it all the time.

Now that its the winter and I have spent a week in the hospital without a shower, my face is dry ans flaky and I have a few scabs from where the E.E.G wires were glued on.  I needed something that could cover and not cost too much and be lightweight.

trying to class it up with a head scarf, but each of those wires were scratched into my skin and then glued, then removed with acetone… talk about skin damage! ** not wearing the foundation here**


I was very happy with my purchase that cost about 8$. I picked #120: classic ivory which is just a bit darker because I do have a varied complexion and I easily go red.  This kind was also formulated for normal to oily skin, which is great that they are addressing the different skin types rather than just making 3 different  kinds and not clearly stating what skin type it is for which normal people need to see.

It is a bit thicker than the Urban Decay HD, but it did a great job covering up my sores from the wires, and didn’t dry out my skin.


I am very happy with this addition to my regular makeup routine!

The Fashion of a Scottish Girl on Christmas

Being from a very Scottish family, I think plaid is the norm to wear to any and all family events. We had my husband’s family’s annual xmas reunion this weekend so I wanted to dress up.(they’re Finn and a bit of Scottish)

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Ever go to put your foundation on only to find that it has shown you ever single dry flake of skin you have?
Or tried to put on a pair of socks or stockings and get the fear the you might of ripped them on the hard callouses on your feet?

Maybe it’s time to exfoliate!

Exfoliation is the sloughing off dead skin cells.  You can do this in a number of ways. And trust me there are a million ways! Some quick, some lazy and some are better.

“I have felt the scratchy wrath of my husband’s feet late in the night,  leaving long red marks on the top of my feet”

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