Product Knowledge: Talcum Powder

I know we all know the main use for talcum powder aka baby powder : to keep wet/sweaty areas dry.   But googling quickly can get scary,  what is it made up of and how did it become such a common house hold beauty product?

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Questions for Scotia: Viral Beauty Secrets

Dear Sweet Cherry,

I am going a little nuts from seeing all the home hair and skin remedies that ‘will totally change your life’. I have finicky hair and annoying combination skin so I often complain. People’s initial reaction to my venting of frustrations is to recommend whatever trendy remedy from a viral article; which 90% of the time I find don’t work or do more harm than good because of my unique needs. I would hate to hear of women like me who actually took the recommendations and did something to damage their skin.

Could you please address the issue of skin types and why using proper products for your type is important? And why viral trends are not a good way to care for your face?


I too go nuts when I see all the “magical” gimmicks they have that will make you loose weight, fix your skin, fix your hair, and whatever else that people need help with.

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