Product Review: Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

I know this product is old, its not a new thing and most of you have probably tired or heard of it already. This is the reason why I didn’t even bother with it purposefully in the first place, but my sister in law had some and I asked to try it. I already knew it’d be garbage, and for its original price that was 70$ it was to much for all this hassle for a meh product. Even now that it is 34$ on their website now its still not really worth it.

As a makeup artist of 15 years I have seen many different combos of extra extending lash mascaras. Clear sealers,extra waterproof, extra fibers inside, extra nourishing oils, different pigments, glitter.. you name it, I’ve seen it.

Read on further to see why this I give this product a 3/10

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Now Accepting Halloween Makeups

If you didn’t know I am also a special effects artist (SFX/SPFX). I specially take crazy and fun Halloween makeup bookings from October 27th -31st 2017 to accommodate staff parties, school parties, the Hunger , Nightmare on Gore and all other parties and celebrations. My Halloween rates are 50$ a hour, if you need a prosthetic made or purchased please give me 4 weeks notice and booking.

If you are unsure that you need me to do the makeup but you need ideas or have questions please come visit me Sunday September 24th at 1:30pm at Thundercon at the Vahalla. I will be demonstrating how to make a prosthetic  skin mask and how to make the realistic gore for under the mask!If you’d like to see more of my work check out my SPFX makeup website:


Why You Need a Professional Makeup Artist at Your Wedding

Lately  I have had a influx of brides dropping out of booking with me, losing their retainer and all.

Why?  —  “Because my friend is really good at makeup and will do it for free“.

Which is a super nice gesture and that’s fine it’s your choice. But I want to ask: why did you think of booking me, a professional in the first place?

photo by Shannon Lepere 2016

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On Set: “Breaking Free”

Curtis brings me on some very interesting and unique opportunities Working on this was personally hard..not makeup wise, but I’m happy how it turned out and hope it helps a lot of women.

If you remember on my instagram, this post:



This is a very important psa filmed by Apple Wagon Films. So many families try to stay for the kids not understanding the effect of what they hear and see and why you need to leave.

As a makeup artist I get to work on so many different types of jobs. That’s what is great when you get get to my level, I don’t pin myself down to just one style, or just only focus on weddings, high fashion, editorial or special effects. Living in a small city there is very limited opportunities, there are many but if you can’t know the difference between a wedding, makeup lessons or filming makeup you can’t bridge out.

As much as I love doing gross, gory makeup with Elegant Embodiments. This extremely what seems to be simple makeup but important makeup.  It’s not all just running mascara, but the cracked dry lips, the  broken capillaries on her nose, the slight cut on her lip, the aging lines and sullen skin: this gives the look that even though a great actress can make the look, the small additions creates a full picture.

This is part 1 of the videos we recently produced for ONWA, which was a bit of a passion project for both myself and the other talented artists I had the opportunity to collaborate with on it and I think it shows!

Please give it a watch and a share to help spread awareness of a very real issue affecting many individuals and families within Northwestern Ontario. Help them break through. Help them break free. -Curtis Jensen of Apple Wagon Films

Breaking Free, Breaking Through (Extended) from Apple Wagon Films on Vimeo.

Please watch and share, and if you want to share a story or need help please call a womens organization, if you need help or just someone to talk to you can email me too!

Why are Wedding Trials Important?

So its a few months till your big day! And you have a entire pinterest wall full of makeup and hair and nail ideas but how do you even pick one?
I like the lips on this one… but the top part of this hair style… but these nails don’t match my dress but the style is super pretty!


Wanting to be the most beautiful bride is super stressful. But that is why there are professionals who can help!

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La Visage: a Beginner’s Introduction to Makeup


What makeup is and does
how to pick the right makeup for you
basic day to night makeup
what is contouring?

The class is 3 hours and costs 140$, limited space is available
Please call 251-2891 to book your spot!

handouts of presentation will be provided but note taking is encouraged!

Scotia kauppi has been a makeup artist for 10+ years, teaching makeup and esthetics at Everest College, sharing her condensed version of what was taught there. MUD cosmetics will be used, and available for purchase and order.

If you are looking to just do a one on one on what looks best on you, you can scheduled private lessons for 40$ with me. Bring me your makeup you use and I will go through it with you!

softer skinla-visage-class-large

M.U.D Makeup

I recently just brought in a new makeup line: MUD Make-Up Designory.

I have wanted to only use a proline for a long time, they are well tested(not on animals!) they have a professional school and are always very up to date.

As a makeup artist I love when everything comes in pallets for the makeup artist: nothing worse then lugging around 10+ bottles of foundation. MUD does!

I have already used it on a photoshoot and a wedding and I love the liners, the masquara and the setting translucent powder!

So whats the big deal between pubic and prolines?

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The Contour

Contouring is all the rage, but did you know pretty much all of the posts on instagram and pinterest you are following are wrong?

Inline image 2

There are different kinds of contouring, the ones that are most popular on the internet is the 3-4 step contour… this is not meant for daily ware.. not even for evening ware… its meant for stage performers and drag queens. Lights on stage are bright and will flatten out your face shape, for different looks for different performers you will want to have a different look. This involves building up lighter and darker features on your face, setting the foundations and concealers so they don’t sweat off or melt off with all the lights.


This type of contouring where you are painting on with different shades of concealer, is for photoshoots and weddings.

This photo is from behind the scenes at a photoshoot.

Inline image 1

Daytime contouring is very easy and I bet you don’t even realize you are doing it!

Blush, powder highlighter and bronzer.

Thats it. Pretty easy eh? We use the highlighter to brighten up our eyes, blush to make us look more awake and alive.. and bronzer to lightly contour cheekbones, chins and foreheads.


For special occasions, like  a big date night or parties and weddings, you can do a bit more and this is usually when you start using more concealer than just powders.

Different concealers are used for different areas:

2 shades lighter foundation or concealer packs for places you want to highlight: like under eyes, on top of cheek bones and your cupid’s bow(above your lips)

You can use brow pencils and filler to reshape brows, and lip liners to correct thin or uneven lips.


Green takes out red: good for rosecea marks, pimples, and scratches.

Yellow takes out dark browns and purples: liver or age spots, bruises, dark under eyes.

1-2 shades darker concealer or foundation for or bronzer: hiding a bigger chin, under neck(or double chin), in cheek bone hollows, and to hide a larger forehead.

This is an example of wedding style contouring
This is an example of wedding style contouring

Now for high fashion, bright photo shoots, artistic recreations and drag/stage performers this is where you can really transform your face.

This is when you definitely need a contour concealer palette.

this is creamed based, lasts longer and blends best with your foundation

This is where all those pictures of Kim Kardasian are from.

You can give yourself a smaller, thinner nose. Or totally reshape your face.

Having a makeup lesson and having a contouring map of your face is4517b0645da5adfa78cdbebba4198e501a440be4 always fun, it can show you where you need to focus on with the different colours. The whole point of contouring is to even the shape of your face into a oval, keeping center focus.

This is an example of artistic contouring (For Drag)
This is an example of artistic contouring (For Drag)

Inspired Makeup: The Hobbit

With the last Hobbit movie coming out, “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” my inner… that’s a lie… my outer nerd got leveled up a lot!

I have a contest right now on my instagram!

tolkien contest

So go on my instagram and comment your answer to win. I will announce the 3 winners on here next wednesday.

What will you win?  one set of 3 different Hobbit themed press on nails with custom nail art made by me.

  1. Black obsidian nails with gold Elvish script
  2. Green Dragon eyes
  3. Purple Dragon( or Sauron) eyes

For those of you who do not personally know me: I love anything and everything fantasy. I love the writings of JRR Tolkien, George Martin, king Arthurian legends, faeries, elves, trolls, and wizards!

So for the whole day waiting to go to the premier of the movie I was very excited. And wore my Mordor shirt and did my makeup Smaug themed.

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