Makeup 101: Blush and Bronzer

Blush otherwise known as cheek colour(guess where it goes) can comes in creams, gel, liquids, and powders(loose and pressed).  Powder blush is the most common to find and is the easiest to use.


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Questions For Scotia: Pearl Extract

This will be a new type of post on here and I hope more come in!

today’s question is:

Dear Sweet Cherry,
I have become a big fan of your blog. I find it very informative and love that it explains some of the industry speak out there that causes me confusion when purchasing beauty products and tools. Knowing this information will save me a lot of effort and money when buying products in the future. Speaking of… I have recently come across pearl powder pallets and am wondering, what are they for? How are they used? Could I replace bronzers or blushes with this?

Thanks in advance. 😉 – Diane

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Product Review: Makeup Brushes

Why do you have 30+ makeup brushes Scotia? Are you a Hoarder?

Nope, But I am a professional makeup artist(MUA). You don’t need that many for sure!

Pro’s need so many to be able to fit every type of face and facial feature

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