The Contour

Contouring is all the rage, but did you know pretty much all of the posts on instagram and pinterest you are following are wrong?

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There are different kinds of contouring, the ones that are most popular on the internet is the 3-4 step contour… this is not meant for daily ware.. not even for evening ware… its meant for stage performers and drag queens. Lights on stage are bright and will flatten out your face shape, for different looks for different performers you will want to have a different look. This involves building up lighter and darker features on your face, setting the foundations and concealers so they don’t sweat off or melt off with all the lights.


This type of contouring where you are painting on with different shades of concealer, is for photoshoots and weddings.

This photo is from behind the scenes at a photoshoot.

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Daytime contouring is very easy and I bet you don’t even realize you are doing it!

Blush, powder highlighter and bronzer.

Thats it. Pretty easy eh? We use the highlighter to brighten up our eyes, blush to make us look more awake and alive.. and bronzer to lightly contour cheekbones, chins and foreheads.


For special occasions, like  a big date night or parties and weddings, you can do a bit more and this is usually when you start using more concealer than just powders.

Different concealers are used for different areas:

2 shades lighter foundation or concealer packs for places you want to highlight: like under eyes, on top of cheek bones and your cupid’s bow(above your lips)

You can use brow pencils and filler to reshape brows, and lip liners to correct thin or uneven lips.


Green takes out red: good for rosecea marks, pimples, and scratches.

Yellow takes out dark browns and purples: liver or age spots, bruises, dark under eyes.

1-2 shades darker concealer or foundation for or bronzer: hiding a bigger chin, under neck(or double chin), in cheek bone hollows, and to hide a larger forehead.

This is an example of wedding style contouring
This is an example of wedding style contouring

Now for high fashion, bright photo shoots, artistic recreations and drag/stage performers this is where you can really transform your face.

This is when you definitely need a contour concealer palette.

this is creamed based, lasts longer and blends best with your foundation

This is where all those pictures of Kim Kardasian are from.

You can give yourself a smaller, thinner nose. Or totally reshape your face.

Having a makeup lesson and having a contouring map of your face is4517b0645da5adfa78cdbebba4198e501a440be4 always fun, it can show you where you need to focus on with the different colours. The whole point of contouring is to even the shape of your face into a oval, keeping center focus.

This is an example of artistic contouring (For Drag)
This is an example of artistic contouring (For Drag)

Nail Polish: Is It Safe for My Kid?

With princess parties, watching mummy and all the new makeup barbie heads and other toys like that, little girls really want to play with makeup. Yes they usually end up looking like the joker, but its cute and usually safe. But what about nail polish?

yes hunny you’re soo pretty *cringe*

Regular makeup we know has natural ingredients and if its for your face, the assumption is that its safe. But Nail polish lasts for  days-weeks! We know its made up of harsh chemicals, but which ones? Is it safe?

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Product Knowledge: Lime Extract

At Sweet Cherry Spa, we use 2 lime products during pedicures and manicures using The somerset toiletry co tropical fruits bath & shower gel and sugar body scrub in coconut lime.

So why is lime a great extract to have in your bath products?

It’s refreshing, antibiotic, and anti-aging

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Product Review: Makeup Brushes

Why do you have 30+ makeup brushes Scotia? Are you a Hoarder?

Nope, But I am a professional makeup artist(MUA). You don’t need that many for sure!

Pro’s need so many to be able to fit every type of face and facial feature

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Embracing the Warmth of Marsala

Every year the Pantone company tells the world what the Color of the Year is.

Marsala is this years color. 

I love how it matches any darker shades, from the black in her shoes and purse to the dark, gradient green in her hair

For many of us, we didn’t even know why there is a color of the year.

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FAQ: How Much is Nail Art?

Nail Art is one of my favorite things to do at work!  It is very popular and there is some crazy amazing work out there.

But sometimes figuring out pricing is hard. When you look at other places, some have super convoluted prices, some have no prices listed and some have a generic price. Why is it so all over?

There are lots of factors that go into doing nail art:
  • it takes time
  • product gets costly
  • each design is different
  • skill level

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The Fashion of a Scottish Girl on Christmas

Being from a very Scottish family, I think plaid is the norm to wear to any and all family events. We had my husband’s family’s annual xmas reunion this weekend so I wanted to dress up.(they’re Finn and a bit of Scottish)

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Contest Weiners

Aww no one answered so no one won! It’ll tell you anyways


The reason I had blue on lips was for when Smaug the dragon first woke up, he was blue in the movie.



We could also get into a very specific nerd trivia and also say it was because in Canada there was a cover of the Hobbit book that came out where he was coloured blue on the cover.

My husband, a friend and I distinctly remembering this all due to our confusion that he was described as red and golden.


Anyways sucks that no one won the awesome nails.

What would you like to win if I was doing another contest?

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Inspired Makeup: The Hobbit

With the last Hobbit movie coming out, “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” my inner… that’s a lie… my outer nerd got leveled up a lot!

I have a contest right now on my instagram!

tolkien contest

So go on my instagram and comment your answer to win. I will announce the 3 winners on here next wednesday.

What will you win?  one set of 3 different Hobbit themed press on nails with custom nail art made by me.

  1. Black obsidian nails with gold Elvish script
  2. Green Dragon eyes
  3. Purple Dragon( or Sauron) eyes

For those of you who do not personally know me: I love anything and everything fantasy. I love the writings of JRR Tolkien, George Martin, king Arthurian legends, faeries, elves, trolls, and wizards!

So for the whole day waiting to go to the premier of the movie I was very excited. And wore my Mordor shirt and did my makeup Smaug themed.

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