Makeup + Lash Menu

Makeup & Lash Menu

MUD Beauty makeup 60$ +apply strip/cluster lashes 15$ strip lashes 5$ for sale

Brow tint 15$ Lash tint 15$ Expressive Eyes(brow wax and brow + lash tint) 30$

Hybrid Lash Extensions 140$   Hybrid Lash fills 100$

Volume Lash Extensions 160$  Volume Lash fills 100$

Classic Lash Extensions 100$   Classic Lash fills 75$   Lash removal 20$


Wedding Makeup 80$ for the bride (lashes included)

Wedding Trial 65$ (done 2-4 weeks prior to wedding)

Bridesmaids/other 65$ Children under 12 20$ Tattoo cover up 20$

Booking retainer of 90$ and contract to be signed required. Retainer covers Bride’s day of makeup (not including extras such as gems or extra travel fees). Please speak with Scotia about contract stipulations covering cancellations and other day of requests.

Staying for touchups for photos after ceremony 25$ per hour.

Mobile Makeup services +10$ for within City of Thunder Bay limits added fees for country and out of town.

View my bridal portfolio here

**prices are subject to change + HST not included in listed price**


12 thoughts on “Makeup + Lash Menu

  1. Hello! I’m really on the fence about getting eyelash extensions. I’m 13 years old and use mascara pretty much everyday. My eyelashes are really short and stubby althought I have many eyelashes and there thick. Since im graduating this year, i really want nice eyelashes for grad, and i do not want to try and figure out false lashes(they seem to hard😂). Not that they’ll last until then, but they’d come in handy. If you could get back to me that’d be great!


    • I still think at your age because your body is still changing I don’t think Lash extensions are a good suit for you. You don’t want to have heavy eye lashes on newly growing and forming hair follicles and pores. I think a better solution to the style you would like,(and cheaper) would be instead of strip lashes doing cluster lashes. They are non permanent small clusters of lashes that glue along your lash line like a strip lash but look more like you have lash extensions. They are still put on by a makeup artist but are also easier to learn then strip. if you’d like to talk more about lash options for your grad please shoot me a email at or give my spa a call 807-251-2891


    • Eyelash extensions last a long time and they look good but are expensive and require maintenece. For events like prom i recommend just getting false eyelashes. they last the night and make your eyes pop! Also very cheap and easy to put on. If you can’t put it on yourself usually when you go to get your makeup done they do it for you. I get my lashes from icing in intercity.


  2. I’m wondering what it’s like to get a “man-zillian” wax done… I usually keep myself well trimmed but the wife seems to enjoy the lack of hair down there.. my concerns with it are how bad it might hurt, and who will be doing it? I’m fine either way but if it is a female waxing my manhood is it offensive if I get aroused? I’m only guessing but I’m sure they will have to handle my package to properly wax it.. let me know..


    • You have very legitimate concerns and everyone does.
      First waxing only hurts for a few seconds at a time, then you kinda get used to it. Like a tattoo(if you have any of those). I do have numbing cream for your comfort as well.
      I would be the one doing it (married, 2 kids lady who has seen it all), it is not offensive at all if you do get aroused, because everyone does. I am used to it and medically if someone is touching you in you erogenous zone its just a fact something may happen. You are still covered with a privacy towel so it’s not so bad. You can always come in for a wax consult and try a small strip to see how you feel about the pain. If you’d like to book or have further questions please feel free to call me 251-2891.


  3. Hi muyini that is okay i hope you feel better, please feel free to call me or text me at 807-251-2891 to rebook.
    i didnt see this till this afternoon and i dont normally check. thank you


  4. Hi, I am looking for a person who can do a really good wax (Brazilian) that can do between the cheeks as well. I am kind of struggling to find a person who I can see on a regular basis that fits my needs. I have had several bikini and used to get Brazilians done on a regular basis and would like to establish this service once again.


  5. Hello,
    I hate my hands and the way my nails look due to Years of me biting them they no longer grow. I regularly where fake nails that I’ll do myself and they last a couple days. I want to get something that will last longer. Which last longer acrilc or gel when used to extend the nail. I can’t figure it out.


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