Happy 3 years

3 years owning Sweet Cherry Spa today!

It’s grown so much in such a small amount of time. I have made some wonderful clients and friends, expanded into my own place, my blog has taken off quite a bit and now starting to get nominated for new upcoming business awards!

I’m not doing anything special for this anniversary because I feel for the new space I want to start over with it until Feb when it will be 1 year since I reopened in my new location.

I’ll have a party and cake then  Thank you to my staff Dade Murphy and Jessica Engelen for all your love and support I can’t do this without you!

Now Accepting Halloween Makeups

If you didn’t know I am also a special effects artist (SFX/SPFX). I specially take crazy and fun Halloween makeup bookings from October 27th -31st 2017 to accommodate staff parties, school parties, the Hunger , Nightmare on Gore and all other parties and celebrations. My Halloween rates are 50$ a hour, if you need a prosthetic made or purchased please give me 4 weeks notice and booking.

If you are unsure that you need me to do the makeup but you need ideas or have questions please come visit me Sunday September 24th at 1:30pm at Thundercon at the Vahalla. I will be demonstrating how to make a prosthetic  skin mask and how to make the realistic gore for under the mask!If you’d like to see more of my work check out my SPFX makeup website:



New Summer Hours!

Yes its summer time!! Which means my kids aren’t in school and all afterschool things are done so I can open up all evening appointments from 4-7pm.  But as my entire family moves out to camp in the summer I also will be not taking walk ins on Saturdays for the summer, hard to drive in a hour just for slow day. I also get very booked on saturday mornings in the summer for weddings.

Here is a list of weekends I still have open for weddings as well:

thanks everyone for understanding and I hope we all have a great summer!

OMG Pedicure Massge + Overdue Client= Baby!

Funny how things happen.

2 Months ago I wrote a article about pregnancy and how foot massage could be ambiguously good/bad/or nothing. (You can read it here) Without scientific consensus I am always iffy on things so I have it on my client form for them to check off.

My client had come in at 1 pm, she was 2 days past due and was hoping that some relaxation was going to help. She also asked for the full massage, to which knowing that it might help but wanting to make sure that if anything happened that she was aware of the risks. She signed a extra for saying she did want the full massage.

We had a super fun time, and we were talking about all the different wives tales and ideas about what can help start labour.  She was also planning on trying the new mexican restaurant to maybe the spices would help too: I called it the M&M trick, Massage & Mexican.

Afterwards she told me she’d let me know if anything happened, I figured it probably didn’t help minus just relaxing which is good for everyone.

So yesterday morning I wake up to this:

WOW!!!! I was soo happy for such amazing news in the morning. I guess it can work for sure!!! Just happy that baby Abigael is happy and healthy and out!

She had left the spa at 2ish, crazy it happened so fast!

I have never had a client told me it worked, I have had several in my decade of work who have signed in hopes it would get things starting but I never heard anything else, so I figured that it didn’t really work but still no matter what took the precautions with all pregnant clients.

I love with when life comes and suprises you like this.

I wish my client many many happy congratulations for her, Abigael and her family 😀

I’m Moving to My OWN SPA!

Big News!!! I will be moving my spa into its own location this year! I plan to move in a new suite in Victoriaville mall in February.


This means I will be closing my spa room in Hair Infinity Salon January 23rd and will be closed all that week to  move and set up my new space.

The last 2 years have been wonderful with lots of ups and  some downs. A great big thanks to Hair Infinity salon to let me set up under budget and get my feet on the ground. I have made great friends with the stylists at shop,and have learned so much from their talents. I will miss you guys for sure; being by myself for a bit might get boring.

Hair Infinity Crew halloween 2015
Hair Infinity Crew halloween 2015

In this career it is hard to start from new. I had years of clients that I ended up having to leave when I left Merle Norman to have major surgery and then work at Everest College. I then took a year and a half off to deal with my grandmother and mother dying, get married, while still recovering from more surgeries.  By the time I was getting back into serving my clients I had maybe a handful. I had to backtrack 6 years with no current clients and barely any equipment.

I then found the amazing, life changing Starter Company Program funded through the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) which gives new business lessons and management skills to those who apply before they hand in their business plan and proposal for a grant. I was very fortunate to to learn so much and have great help from Stacia Keen (who has moved into a new company herself) and Ryan Moore and Lexi Penko. IMG_20151204_140929

I got the grant and another grant that was shown to me through the CEDC which gave my first year a giant boost! I was able to get some newer equipment, have time and money to spend on making sure I had the best organic, vegan, smart, safe and sweet products to use and sell to my clientele.

Sweet Cherry Spa celebrating 1 year

I was also able to get a business mentor Angelo Petta (of Angelo Petta Consulting) who has been such a giant supporter and help. It feels so good knowing that someone who has tons of business and marketing experience is cheering me on and telling me that I am great at what I do both creatively and in managing my business. He also got me a place for writing health and beauty articles at NetNewsLedger.com.

What I’ve learned from starting a small business:

  • Be vigilant over every cent. This sounds easy but its hard. When you don’t really get a pay cheque its hard to factor how much money you can spend on yourself. I make sure that I have a personal list of expenses like bills that I pay at home, expenses that I want like pizza or a tattoo.
  • Self-promotion and Client word of mouth is the way to go. I spent the first 6 months after getting a advertising grant trying all sorts of ads. I tried the newspaper, coffee talks, The Walleye, radio adds, online news adds, facebook ads… you name it I’ve tried it. I found that only the Walleye readers actually tell me that’s where they have seen my adds, the rest is people googling and facebooking “thunder bay spa/nails/waxing/makeup”. Which means its up to only me to make sure my tags are correct, my reviews are there with prompt, polite and concise replies. You would be surprised how many people choose me because of my tactfulness to dissatisfied clients.
  • Cry but make it quick. Yes I love my spa, its my baby. When you are happy with your nails and I am happy I feel like 100$. When you aren’t, I feel like I might of well just sent my kid to school with lice (I feel embarrassed and ashamed). I am a artist at heart so I am very self critical. But that doesn’t mean that I wallow. No I cry a bit when I get home, or kick myself in a talk on the drive home but it always ends with I will do better. I go practice what I didn’t do 100%, I will go back to my books and spend hours on youtube trying to find better ways of what I was doing.

In this time too I was able to officially launch my freelance makeup artistry page scotiakauppimua.wordpress.com and been working 3x more than I have ever worked before in my career. Its great!


I have been able to sponsor wonderful fundraising events such as Definitely Superior Art gallery’s The Hunger Caberet and Derelict art fashion show, The Howard Ball, the LU Men’s basketball fundraiser diner night, numerous shags and more. Having the opportunity to also sponsor and support many other projects like the grand opening work up for Silver Cedar Studio (working on makeup, hair and nail designs for the runway for this years Derelict Jan 28th) and, help my film maker friends getting their visions on screen with extra makeup and hair effects (currently working on “Mercy” by Scott Hobbs).

I can’t wait to continue on in my own shop, with building up to my own staff to work on more creative endeavors! My hours that I have and my contact information will not be changing so you can still get a hold of me for bookings.

Thank you everyone again for all your support!

Watch Out for Job Offer Scams

This is a more personal blog post today: I was targeted for a pretty scary scam.

Ever get a job offer that seems too good to be true?  And you hope and hope that  it really is! I got a email yesterday from someone at Instyle magazine offering me a job on a photoshoot for them. It was all paid for and a super crazy paying job.  Oh god how I was excited and flattered and then my logical self kicked in. Is this a real person?


Here is the full story and what to do when you get one of these emails. There are a few updates at the bottom please read these too!

Continue reading

New Products and Services!

Sweet Cherry Spa is very happy to be offering facial services and skin care analysis!

Using Derma E quality skin care products for a customized facial to help with your specific skin care needs.

Your facial with start with a 20 minute consultation about your skin and your care concerns. Then You will get a customized:

  • a cleanse
  • a toner
  • an appropriate  textured exfoliator for you
  • steam or hot towel face wrap for 10 minutes
  • any extractions if needed and this is the time you can fit any waxing in
  • a customized masque 15-20 minutes with a Hempz hand massage or add a manicure
  • 15 minute face, decolte, shoulder and neck massage
  • serums and sun screen to finish

the whole process takes an hour and a half.

What else is new???

Well now you can come in store and purchase MUD makeup, brushes, nail files, Zoya Nail polish and Derma e.

You can also grab a catalogue or look online to order more products that aren’t carried in house! (Shipping is free!)

Last Appointments for the Week of Jan 19-24

Last Appointments open this week are Tuesday the 20th :
10AM -1PM
3PM – 5PM

Will resume taking clients on the 27th

dont forget to get ready for your vactation
Call 251-2891 to book an appointment

I am going on my honeymoon from the 21st till the 26th! So Hurry up and book your appointments in now!

If you too are going on vacation to escape this cold, don’t forget that

Waxing lasts 3-6 weeks depending on how long you have been waxing for, or when you start within your hair growth cycle

Manicures last 2-4 weeks. This also depends on how long your body naturally produces your nails, your health and your lifestyle.

Pedicures last 3-6 weeks, these last a bit longer because we don’t do as much with our feet, plus toe nails take a bit longer to grow.