Here at Sweet Cherry Spa you will find us: Scotia-leigh Kauppi (onwer/mua/nail tech/lash tech/esthetician) & Chelsea Gratz (nail tech/mua).


I am new to Sweet Cherry, starting out my nail business Rebelle Luxe Beauty. I have been doing makeup for 10+ years and have just graduated from the Esthetics Academy as a certified Nail technician. I have always been a creative person, an artist in different mediums and have been the lead singer for the punk rock band Forever Dead for over 15 years.

I am really excited to try out all the amazing ideas I have for nail art and nails and am super happy to share my makeup talents with all of you!


I am a Certified Esthetician, Certified Nail technician, Certified Lash Artist and  Certified Makeup Artist. I am an industry advocate through the Professional Beauty Association.

I have been in the business for 15+ years. I come from a more strict and health based background (from the mortuary sciences and working in tattoo parlors) along with being a college instructor for Everest College’s esthetics course.  I am semi bilingual in French and am learning German as well. Don’t let the bright hair & tattoos fool you ; I’m very serious, and take great pride in my career.

I love makeup and anything that you can do to beautify oneself… even if beauty to you is avant garde!

I love to try new styles in nail art and makeup to match! Working with clients in the spa, on set and for weddings is my passion. Booking with me is relaxing, educational and fun!

I am also a special effects makeup artist by consult only.


Only the best product lines are used in the spa.  I make sure that all products are eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free, Canadian made (when possible), mineral based and more. Following my Safe, Smart and Sweet standards, I want to be able to make sure that the products I am using and selling are good for you and the planet.

Safe – Dermatologist tested, eco-friendly products are the best way to include all skin types, sensitivities and lifestlye choices. All my products are maternity and child friendly.

Smart – If I can’t tell what’s in it, neither can you. I make sure that I know all active and inactive ingredients in my products to make sure nothing will create new issues.

Sweet – Cruelty free products are kind to our animal friends and kind for us. All smells from products are light, sweet and no perfumes.

Education + Experience Studios Film + Media
  • Certified Nail Technician Confederation College /LCN level 1-3
  • Certified Esthetician-
    Confederation College
  • Certified Makeup Artist-
    Canadian College of Mortuary Sciences/Confederation College/ SST workshops
  • Rectofil Brow and Lash Tint workshop
  • Certified Lash Extension technician-
    Confederation College/ Ardell lashes workshop/ Micha Lash
  • Lead Instructor La Visage makeup class 2015-present
  • Esthetic’s instructor – Everest College Esthetics program 2011-2013
  • Manager and Lead esthetician/MUA/Nail tech Merle Norman 2010-2012
  • Dermatologica Clean Touch Certified 2020
  • Barbacide COVID 19 Exposure certified 2020
  • Aesthetics Accreditation International Blood Borne Pathogens 2020
  • Thundercon SPFX makeup workshops/panel 2015-2017
  • Acension Photography
  • DZ Photography
  • Scott Hobbs photography
  • Indulge Photography for Women
  • Spun Photography
  • Focus Portraits
  • Tammy Wende photography
  • Shannon Lepere photography
  • Apple Wagon Films
  • Epica Pictures
  • Vox Media Production
  • Kontrol Media Studios
  • Westfort Productions
  • Magnus Theater
  • Thunder Pride / Wiggins Pro-Productions
  • Definitely Superior Art Gallery
  • Outlet Media
  • Conflix
  • Sheba Films
  • Kyle Lee Photography
  • Keegan Richard photography
  • Shaw Cable Halloween special 2008
  • “Basketcase” -Corey Nickalous 2010
  • “Funnel of Love” -Coery Nicaklous 2011
  • “Schism” -Curtis Jensen,2012
  • Real estate commercial for Remax realty
  • Beauty Tips hosted by Scotia Waddell – Shaw cable mini series 2009
  • Halloween Makeup hosted by Scotia Waddell –Shaw Cable mini series 2010
  • “Till Death” -Andres Johansen 2014
  • “Breaking Free” PSA 2015
  • “Blood 2 Blood” Campaign 2013
  • City of Thunder Bay’s office staff FAQ video 2011 + first aid video 2012
  • “Was It Worth It” campaign 2016
  • Feel Good Spices commercial 2015
  • “The Miners” film Promo 2015
  • “The Discarded” film 2016
  • Cinivate commerical 2016-2017
  • Narvis Auto commercial 2015
  • Tbay tel Xmas commercials 2017
  • “Gates of Heaven” Martin Short 2018
  • “Mercy” – Tony McGuire 2018
  • “Lakehead At War” – 2018
Live Events Published
  • Sponsor for Definitely Superior Art Gallery HUNGER 2013- present
  • Sponsor for Definitely Superior Art Gallery Derelict Fashion show 2013-present
  • Definitely Superior Art Gallery Urban Infill art installations 2013-present
  • Confederation College Conflix SPFX workshop 2017-2018
  • The Esthetics School MUA lecture 2019
  • Nerd Nite Halloween presentation/live demo 2019
  • Sponsor for the Howard Ball 2014- 2017
  • ZASTA’s Zombie walk 2013 – 2015
  • Lead makeup + Hair -Silver Cedar Studio Fashion show 2014-present
  • Wedding Wishes Bridal fashion show 2015, 2018
  • Redd Lingreie fashion Show 2014
  • Community Auditorium -Cheech & Chong ft. Shelby Chong 2013,-Shrek the musical 2012
  • Wig Wars Drag competition 2012-2016 (Winner 2014)
  • Passion for Fashion show 2012
  • Camp Quality spa day 2013
  • 10 by Ten play showcase 2013-2015
  • The Walleye

2009 Oct cover + article

2015 photo credits

2016 article

2018 article

  • Thunder Bay Entrepeneur 2019
  • Offbeat Bride article Jan 1 2015 + March 2015
  • CBC Aug 2013, Nov 2015, Nov 2016
  • Elfarrow Apparel lookbooks spring 2015, fall 2016
  • Silver Cedar Studio lookbook 2016
  • Mission thinpossible – Movati Athletics 2015
  • Maddie Penko branding package 2016
  • High Tide Tattoo marketing 2012
  • Monstermosielle Magazine 2013 article
  • Chronicle Journal front page 2009 + articles 2009, 2010, 2011